Video: iPhone Pro an iPhone 4G Concept

Always wondering what the next evolution of the iconic iPhone will look like we see many iPhone concepts hit the net waves when a next generation iPhone is due and we have one such concept for our readers today in the form of the iPhone Pro.

The iPhone Pro is a concept of the iPhone 4G created by Antonio De Rosa, and I have to say this particular concept does look stunning. The iPhone Pro features two slide out touch sensitive paddles, front facing camera, and runs iPhone OS 3.2.

The iPhone Pro also features something called Magsafe which is a power connection on the iPhone Pro’s rear which apparently is Macbook friendly according to the article over on recombu.

Of course no iPhone concept would be complete without a video rendition of the concept so we have that iPhone Pro concept video for your viewing pleasure below, so I’ll leave you now to check it out…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Video: iPhone Pro an iPhone 4G Concept”

  1. Izzy says:

    There is no way apple would ever have sliding parts in their new iPhone design. People always find it feels cheap, and it would make it more prone to defects and breaking. It’s definitely going to be one solid piece like in the past. This would also significantly hinder the production of 3rd party cases etc, which is difficult to manufacture for slide phones. Not gonna happen. Sorry.

  2. Alex says:

    I'd say this is pretty good. The Apple Company might have thought through this iPhone really well. The Slide Parts are awesome too, cause you can hold it as if you were playing a game plus it might be more interesting if it had Motion Sensors to the games cause that would make it more realistic. Although like the first comment, the Apple Company mighten have strengthened the sliding parts so it wont easily break. In my Opinion, everything looks perfect, Camera's, Larger Screen, Sliding Parts, but one thing about it that might have gone wrong is that they MUST strengthen the sliding parts and the phone because im sure more than 1 person will drop the iPhone Pro, so take that as advice :).

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