Apple Representative Email: iPhone 4G June 1 Release

There is an email floating around from an ‘Apple Representative’ stating that the iPhone 4G will release June 1 2010.

Now we are not sure if this is a real email or just a hoax, the email says, “I work for Apple Research & Design. All I will say is the iPhone 4G will be released June 1st. I however will not specify which carrier(s) will have contracts with Apple. Please be patient. We are working hard to make this the best iPhone yet. Thank you for all your support”. Steve Scott, Apple Research & Design, Sscott@AppleAdmin.com

We have even had one of our readers question this as well, like ourselves the readers asks is this email really from an Apple member, and is it true that the iPhone 4g will release June 1st?

Please do let us know what you think, and please Apple if you are reading this can you verify this for us. Thanks


2 thoughts on “Apple Representative Email: iPhone 4G June 1 Release”

  1. Patty says:

    You *REALLY* think an Apple employee would give his name, email address… and lose his job… just to tell you “the date”?

    What would he gain?

  2. Not gonna happen ! I agree with Patty no way the email is real but I do believe it will be out that first week of June. Unless Mr. Jobs make us wait until the end of the month but announces the 7th… (That would suck ) I already sold my 3GS 32gb so I would get full value before the realease of the iPhone HD

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