Steve Jobs says Google trying to kill iPhone

Yes, apparently the guru of the iPhone, Steve Jobs believes that Google is attempting to kill off the iPhone, well at least that’s what Jobs is tell Apple employees according to an article over on the India Times.

Apparently this all stems from Google stepping into the smartphone arena and have the gall to offer their own smartphone, the Google Nexus One, shame on them.

According to an article on the NYT, Steve Jobs told employees that Apple hasn’t entered the Search business and that Google wants to kill the iPhone but Apple won’t let them. So what does Apple do in retaliation for Google’s cheek? They file a lawsuit against HTC.

So what this Apple lawsuit against HTC for infringing iPhone patents boils down to is Apple throwing their toys out of their pram due to Google not playing balls and keeping their dirty hands out of the smartphone game; thus Apple is going after HTC, Android and Google because Apple hasn’t got its own way and obviously sees not only the Nexus One but the whole Android platform as a threat.

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