Update: HTC Refutes Apple iPhone Patent Claims

Continuing the legal saga that Apple started by suing HTC over allegedly infringing on 20 iPhone patents, it appears that HTC has finally got round to refuting Apple’s claims by issuing a statement of their own, reports an article over on top10.

The word is that HTC is stepping up to the mark and defending themselves against the overbearing size of Apple and their claims that HTC smartphone including Google’s superphone, the Nexus One violate iPhone patents held by Apple.

Apparently HTC has delivered a statement which said that HTC takes American and International patent rights seriously, that HTC will cooperate with the justice system of the US in this case to protect their own rights and innovative values.

So it appears that HTC isn’t shying away from the might of Apple, and with Google watching their back they should be able to mount a fairly substantial defence, and with Apple looking like its targeting Android one has to wonder just how long Google will stay in the background before coming to the aid of their Android partner.

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