Android Based Cordless Home Phone Debuts at CeBIT 2010

It would appear that the Android platform is not satisfied with being in the smartphone arena and computer arena as Android now comes to the cordless home phone arena and makes its debut at CeBIT 2010.

According to an article over on android community, DSP Group showed off their first foray into the Android world with the debut of the DSP Interactive Multimedia handset, a cordless home phone which features a user friendly interface, packs a virtual keyboard and runs the Android operating system.

The DSP Android Multimedia Home Phone delivers instant access to info and Android apps along with widgets, email, music, and web browser right in your home.

According to DSP, the home phone is based on XpandR II which is a system-on-ship solution which integrates DECT and WiFi and software packages and includes all components required to develop new and advanced portable, location free multimedia products….In other words an Android home phone.


5 thoughts on “Android Based Cordless Home Phone Debuts at CeBIT 2010”

  1. taz kay says:

    This sounds like a great idea but not sure how these work in practice – can you expanded to 2 or more hand sets? And can you have an answer machine or voice mail to get messages etc? In short can you use it as a home phone?

  2. Nim says:

    Just got one from Argos.. a bit dissapointed as there is no market place so we are stuck with the most basic apps that are same as in any Android SDK 1.6 . Managed to get the base station to register the older dect handsets without problems and I could register the iDect with the old one as well (if I could figure out how to put the base into reg mode). It does have answerphone app and voicemail number can be set to retrieve it.

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