iPhone Stainless Steel Flip Case now Available

Now if you are an owner of an iPhone you’ll want to give the iconic smartphone some loving protection to keep your baby safe and unharmed, and there is a wide variety of iPhone cases available on the market today.

Well now there is another iPhone case available according to an article over on engadget, an iPhone case made out of stainless steel with silicone padding innards which has been produced by a Portland guy by the name of Ryan Glasgow.

The stainless steel iPhone case features the usual cut-outs enabling heat emissions and wireless signals to get through, but the unusual thing about this particular iPhone case is that it is a type of flip phone design whereby the user can flip up the front plate to reveal the iPhone screen.

Apparently there are also engraving and aluminium options with the iPhone case as well, and the price tag for this iPhone accessory is going to hit your pocket for $95.

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