Video: Droid Multitouch Better Than Nexus One Multitouch

Apparently Google’s supposed superphone, the Nexus One is experiencing some issues with multitouch, and thus a test was created comparing the multitouch feature of the Nexus One against that of the Motorola Droid smartphone.

The Droid vs.Nexus One multitouch comparison test was of course captured on video, and we have that video for your viewing entertainment courtesy of android and me, and can be viewed below.

What the guys found was that while the Motorola Droid works just fine, the Nexus One has bugs throughout, and actually thinks the user is touching the touch screen in places where they aren’t and becomes somewhat confused.

You’ll get a better idea of the problem when you check out the almost two minute Droid vs. Nexus One video below, but apparently a Google engineer has said that this is how the Nexus One works, and the Droid has a different sensor from a different manufacturer.

So it would appear that if you are experiencing this multitouch issues with your Nexus One, Google isn’t about to come up with a fix.

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