Verizon 4G mobile phones coming 2011, what about iPhone?

The word is Verizon Wireless may see a 4G capable handset hit their LTE network as soon as the middle of 2011, and apparently Anthony Melone, the chief technical officer for the Big Red told the Wall Street Journal that they will offer a 4G mobile phone within three to six months after the launch of a commercial 4G network, reports afterdawn.

Apparently before any 4G mobile phones are available, users can access the 4G network via USB air cards that will deliver faster internet access when compared to 3G networks and the initial Verizon 4G handset will still support CDMA so it can also use the 3G network.

Dick Lynch, CTO for Verizon Wireless spoke back at MWC 2010 saying that getting voice to work over LTE has been particularly challenging. Recently Verizon has stated that speed tests of their LTE network delivered peak data rates of 40 to 50 Mbps.

Verizon Wireless has opted to go the Long Term Evolution route for their US 4G network while rival Sprint has opted to use WiMAX for their 4G network. So just where does the Apple iPhone stand when it comes to 4G, will the next generation iPhone 4G be 4G compatible?


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