Copy and Paste Missing in Windows Phone 7 Series

Some people just simply never learn lessons, and in this case it happens to be Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 Series, as according to an article over on engadget Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support copy and paste functionality.

Some time ago there was a huge call for copy and paste to come to the iPhone, and after a long time of Apple dragging their heels, along with numerous moans from iPhone owners, they finally got their act together and delivered copy and paste to the iPhone.

Now one would presume that people like Microsoft would actually learn a lesson or two from the iPhone copy and paste saga, and know about what features customers want, for example copy and paste in Windows Phone 7, especially when the old Windows Mobile supported the feature.

It has been confirmed by Microsoft that Windows Phone 7 will definitely not support copy and paste; however I am sure once Windows Phone 7 handset are out and about on mass and followed by the same rants and moans seen over the iPhone’s missing copy and paste, Microsoft will eventually wake up and smell the coffee.

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