Samsung Windows Phone 7 is just revamped i8910 HD

Apparently that Samsung smartphone running Windows Phone 7 Series shown at MIX 2010 doesn’t mean Samsung is working on a Windows Phone 7 Series device after all, as it was apparently all down to Microsoft.

According to techradar, they took a close look at the Samsung Windows Phone 7 photos and found that is resembled the Samsung i8910 HD handset, so they had a dig around that it is the very same handset but given a Microsoft facelift.

A Samsung spokesperson stated “The launch was from Microsoft, not Samsung, and they used the i8910HD to demo Windows 7. It’s not yet clear whether existing i8910HD users will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 as this demo was a one-off.”

As the Samsung i8910 HD doesn’t pack the required 1GHz processor and WVGA screen that Microsoft demand for a Windows Phone 7 device, then Microsoft must have an upgraded i8910 HD.

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