Consumer Poll: Would you swap BlackBerry for Apple iPhone?

Yesterday phonesreview.co.uk writer James posted an article reporting that 40-percent of BlackBerry users would swap their devices for an Apple iPhone, so we thought we would start our study poll.

Some say that they would even leave in favour of Android devices, many consumers nowadays use their mobile phone/smartphone for pleasure and business, so having the right phone for both jobs would be ideal. Only 7-percent of BlackBerry users apparently use their devices for Business, wonder if more would use the iPhone for Business.

There are many iPhone and Android users that will not move from their devices, seems like they are dedicated fans. Please vote by answering the question below

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2 thoughts on “Consumer Poll: Would you swap BlackBerry for Apple iPhone?”

  1. andy says:

    at the moment yes i would. i have got a 9700 and am now on my 4th one as avin nothin but trouble with them. it wont hold a call and keeps crashing. wont hold 3g

  2. if any of you guys an gals out there would love to get there hands on a blackberry bold then iam 100% willing to do a swap dont get me wrong the blackberry bold is a relly great phone i just want achange so if you are in then get in touch on facebook thanks guys an hope to here from any 1 soon thanks yours cincerly kirsty bridge…xxxxx

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