iPhone Accessory: iPlunge Kickstand

Now here’s an unusual yet highly useful iPhone accessory, the iPlunge, which is basically a miniature plunger that sucks onto your iPhone, or any other device for that matter, and works as a kickstand; especially useful for the iPhone 4 when video chatting one would have thought.

According to Kyle VanHemert over on Gizmodo, the iPlunge enables you to use your iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode, and can be purchased from Perpetual Kid for just $5.99 sometime in August.

iPlunge is great for watching videos as all the set up is to squish the iPlunge onto the back of your iPhone or iPod Touch, or any smartphone, and it will work anywhere.

Personally I think it’s kind of neat, a low tech kickstand solution to high tech devices, and you can also sign up to be notified by email when the iPlunge becomes available; at least that’s one iPhone 4 problem solved.