iPhone 4 Problems, Have Any?

As with most launches of a new smartphone it is often followed by the inevitable spate of problems occurring, and this applies to the newly released iPhone 4. We have already seen problems with the new external antenna leading to dropped calls and such.

Despite the hype about the iPhone 4 glass being tough as nails, we have already seen the glass shatter in a drop test, and even seen it smash from only a 12 inch fall, which means the iPhone 4 isn’t that tough.

As for the problem with the iPhone 4 antenna, Apple reply is don’t hold the device in a manner whereby it effects the antenna, and according to an article by Gizmodo’s Jason Chen there are numerous other minor problems cropping up such as no SIM card installed, proximity sensor doesn’t defect the face, the camera doesn’t start, yellow and white screen dots, and so on.

So we’d like our readership to let us know if they are experiencing any problems with their new iPhone 4. Are you seeing the same problems already reported or do you have new ones? Whatever problem you are experiencing with your iPhone 4, feel free to let us know by posting a comment below…many thanks.


52 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Problems, Have Any?”

  1. Kevin says:

    I've had problems with signal strength if I hold the phone near the bottom. This is how I've always held my 3G, except that I've never suffered problems with my 3G, as I do with the iPhone4. This is clearly is a serious problem, and Apple's reply is shameful, they should have also given the bumper away with each iPhone. However, even this still doesn't solve the problem 100%.

    I've also tried covering the whole surface of the 3G with both hands for a length of time (upto 2 mins) and do not suffer any problems. If I do this with the iPhone4, within 30-40 secs, I can get "No service" as a signal!

    Apple, the only way to sort this out is to do a global recall… something tells me this isn't gonna happen.

    1. ERIC says:

      The screen on my wifes iphone 4 started doing some crazy stuff,so she turned it off and now nothing. Wont turn on now! Never dropped it,got it wet,and its day 31 so u know what that means.SCREW APPLE.SCREW BILL GATES.I HOPE HE DROWNS IN HIS 90 BILLION DOLLERS.

  2. I keep getting the error message "this accessory is not optimised for this iphone", when there is nothing whatsoever attached. Very annoying when listening to music as it pauses and you have to press the dismiss button then play before you can carrying listening to the tunes. This is my first ever iphone and I knew it was silly getting the first release but, hey, I was sucked in…

  3. Andy says:

    I had problems with my iPhone 3G no service and poor signal. Was told by sales person, new iPhone would be much better due to revolutionary new antenna. What a load of rubbish. It's even worse.

  4. Brian says:

    Apples reply is "don't hold the phone in a postiton that would affect the aerial??? Well my reply to Apple is .." I'm paying good money for that phone..sort it out so that I can hold it with my feet if thats what I want to do. for god sake"
    Apple are unbelievably arrogant and it's the punters who allow them to get away with this rubbish.

  5. whild says:

    No problems at all. I use a GEAR 4 case – I have always had cases for my iPhones so the reception issue hasn't appeared. Brilliant piece of kit!

  6. Nick morton says:

    I'm having signal problems and when I play Internet games the signal goes and I lose the game app and have to start again I love the phone but think I'm going to send it back because of the problems cheesing me off!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kyle says:

    i have the cellular guard system on my i3 ..it might help with the antenna problems because it helps you hold the phone so you dont have to touch the sides as much go to their website to see if it will help cellular guard system

  8. Adie_Monk says:

    I'm getting the "No SIM installed" problem. Seems to happen straight away when the phone boots up or connects to a wireless network. Either way, it's useless as a phone…..I want my old iPhone 3G back….

  9. Josephine says:

    My phone shows no sim a lot of the time! If you restart it ,it works briefly but then shows no sim inserted!
    I have made calls no problem when it works, but a few minutes later there is no sim showing again.
    o2 changed my sim , incase that was the problem , but exactly the same is happening with the new sim, so it must be the phone!
    very annoying that the sim is different so if you have a problem you can not just change the sim into your old phone!

  10. Myself and my brother can't send email over gmail exchange, also when I try to add a call it drops the call I am trying to add. I also have the bars drop problem. Ok Steve I'll hold it right what is wrong with me.

  11. movieman1942 says:

    NO problems, works PERFECTLY !!! Left hand, right right hand. with case or NO case. I love it. No discoloration on the screen either.

  12. Jay says:

    Many thousands are getting a no sim error message. My phone included which has now been returned to Orange for a refund. Apple stores in the UK are denying any reports of this failure. Inspection via booking only, conveniently the earliest is a week away.

  13. mark says:

    Has anyone noticed yet the fact that very very slowly slips off anything other than a dead level table? My phone has fallen off the arm of my leather sofa 3 times now. I finally put it down and watched it very closely, and sure enough it creeps ever so slowly. Also if you grip it with thumb on front glass and finger on back glass, even holding it quite tight is very slowly slips through your fingers ! !

  14. jennie says:

    my front facing camera is faulty… lines and fuzzyness all over the screen mainly ant the bottom, will have to see what apple say as the phone isn't 24 hours old yet!

  15. Gary in Utah says:

    Having trouble with “no sim card” message and no connection to Att at least twice a day. Restarting device or turning on airline mode and back off fixes it. Problem is that phone may not have service and I’m not aware thus missing calls and texts.

  16. Pablo says:

    I am O2's costumer and have an iPhone 3GS. I was waiting for the iPhone 4 but changed my mind. I think it's outrageous that a company like Apple tells us to "hold the phone in a different way" because they were not able to spot it on time. Or actually they did spot it – but instead of holding the launching and fixing the issue they gave us (gave? for £29?!?!?) the ugly bumpers.

    Shame on you Apple!!! I'll be better with an HTC Desire…

  17. DIVX360 says:

    I had the no sim problem on the first day of getting the #iPhone4, so i put the sim in the holder and bent it slightly – but sim into phone and worked fine with no errors. Also had a call drop off yesterday so need to monitor that issue.

  18. brianj says:

    Iphone4… USA. Got it via pre-order last Wednesday. Been fine for a week, last night started doing "no service" or "no sim" or just no bars. Not doing the 'hold it this way and watch the bars drop' trick, just sitting on a table. ATT service unhelpful, waiting for store to open so they can replace sim… hopeful, but not impressed.

  19. Jon, England says:

    Ordered 2 iPhpne 4's for me and the wife the other day from Apple store, just cancelled. Antenna performance is obviously affected when the phone is held and it appears to me that the design is not fit for purpose. No software fix will correct this! Still, let's face it, these are manufactured cheaply in China and Apple could easily afford to redesign and ship new phones to all those who bought and still make a profit! Let's wait and see!

  20. bex says:

    i now hate the iphone 4 have had mine 2 days and the back screen has already smashed, ive had nothing but problems with it, so annoyed!!!

  21. Grant says:

    Also getting the no sim mesage and have been told by Carphone warehouse they will have to wait till there are some in stock to replace it. I'm with o2 so calling the tommorrow and apple as well. Will let you know what happens !

  22. Wil says:

    I'm loving my new iPhone 4, have not really had any problems with the reception but the "No SIM" problem has happened a few times. Turning it on and off usually helps, but then it'll come back a few more times, and disappear all together for days on end. Haven't gone back to Apple yet, because the problem stopped after the first time, but it seems to be returning. :-

  23. Simon says:

    I got the iphone 4 on pre order and cashed in my perfectly good 3GS. I’m now on my second sim from O2 and still getting the ‘no sim’ message. I love my iPad, but Apple have released a seriously flawed piece of hardware with the iPhone 4. If you haven’t done so yet, don’t buy it. It’s rubbish.

  24. Gaz says:

    got mine on the day they came out and took it back the day after had a completely blank black screen carphone wharehouse said it just needed rebooting which they did im now having to do this 2-3 times a day it is going back again for an exchange but do i really want another flawed device

  25. Still getting the no sim message so have booked session with apple store for next week and have been very clear I want a replacement as it’s been faulty after only 5 days and not fit for the purpose it was designed for !

  26. Ray says:

    Thanks every one that has made my mind up – forget the iphone 4 and apple.
    They seam to have rushed this phone out and are taking the public for a ride – To me it seam to be very underhand and untrustworthy, to make statements that are obviously inaccurate . They cant respect their customers very much

  27. Grant says:

    I was still getting the no sim message week three into my iphone 4 so called apple support who suggested I try rebooting etc however this did'nt solve the problem. I had to go on holiday with a phone that was'nt working properly but called my nearest apple store while still on hoilday and booked a genius appointment as the shop I brought it from ( Car Phone Warehouse) wanted me to hand it over so they could send it away, and get me a replacement ( no way). My appointment with Apple was today and they agreed to replace my phone no problem however the first replacement stated there was no sim installed when my sim was placed inside , this was tried twice. The assistant then tried his sim and it was indeed the phone . They then got another one out from the back and tried that and there were no issues so after testing the camera , reception etc I walked away with a new one , filled in some paperwork as well. I did explain before I left the store that this issue was all over the web and after people trying sellotape and various other methods the one sure thing that seemed to work was a replacement. Will update this thread again if I have any further issues.I will say however the assistants were very polite and and supportive. Lets just hope that sort of service from apple is the norm if I have to return again !

  28. joe says:

    got my 4g 2 weeks old but few problems occured to me that when i talk so someone while driving through mountain area i got cut off and cant call back and sometime i watch movie for a while the screen didnt respond when u touch,i think it freeze.iphone 4 is suck now im regret got it.dont buy it.Its not worth it

  29. Christine says:

    I'm curious. I have been getting the "this accessory is not optimized for this phone" error on my iphone. What are you all doing about these problems? If I take it to Apple, will they fix it? Are you guys just suffering and dealing with these problems yourselves or is their actually a solution?

  30. amy says:

    i have problems with the reception and my iphone 4 keeps saying no sim and you have to keep turning it off,the phone is going straight back to the shop! apple should be doing more!

  31. Neil says:

    My phone has now stopped working al together.. Received a call, tried to answer, phone dropped call, shut down, and will not turn on… Not registering with PC and itunes either… Grrr…

  32. Mark Symes says:

    Got my new iPhone 4 mid August & had major problems with the proximity sensor switching the screen on during a call which results in lots of bleeps as you ear presses the keypad which has switched on (every call I made/received) – or just as bad – you accidently press the mute button with your ear during a conversation – useless. Replacement iPhone arrived on Friday & this one is possibly worse than the one it replaced with the addition that I can't hear any audio on the device – no ring tones – no ipod audio play back – absoutly nothing. Vodaphone admitted they sent me a re-furbished phone to swap my original phone with – really good that. buy a new iphone, its never worked properly from new (3x weeks ago) & you get someone elses broken phone as a replacement.
    Signal strength (in the UK) is the worst of any mobile phone I have owned. Just back from Germany & the signal was on & off like you wouldn't believe. VERY VERY dissapointed with it. Lets see if number 3 works – but I'm charging up my faithful Nokia as I type !!!

  33. Iain says:

    Just been to USA (Florida) – iPhone4 would not connect any calls whilst there until finally at airport on day of leaving. Very annoying. Got ok signal for AT&T but could not connect any calls. Managed to browse web ok using a wireless network.

  34. Carrie says:

    I have had my iphone 4 for 3 weeks now and I have had the screen freeze on me on numerous occasions and also the screen has gone completely blank unable to do anything with it until its connected to itunes via computer, no good to me when I'm out and about.

  35. Ikhlaq Hussain says:

    IPHONE 4 is an absolute piece of crap. rubbish. there is no changes except a redesign still the same old 3.5 inch screen. what the f*ck steve.

    I was going to buy one of these but thought better. now got the Desire HD which is miles better. HTC forever

  36. Alison says:

    Just bought mine today, will be taking it back on Monday. It doesn't connect to wifi properly, spotify doesn't work on it. Waste of money. Apple products DO NOT 'just work'.

  37. Inna says:

    I bought my iphone4 at the end of August – within 3 weeks I was dropping calls, despite a bumper and apparently full signal strength – it's like the call goes on mute, even though the person I'm speaking to can still hear me. Had the handset replaced by the tech guys at an Apple Store – second phone call I made, the same thing happened. I had my phone replaced again, and low and behold, the same thing is happening. Seriously considering asking for a refund. I LOVE all the other features of the phone – the camera is fantastic, as is the screen resolution, but a phone that doesn't allow you to hold a conversation isn't really a phone…

  38. Susan says:

    On my new iphone 4, I am unable to download or sync with my e.mail which is on a newish Microsoft 7 laptop 'Windows Live Mail' rather than Outlook Express. Should this be a problem?

  39. dear dear jonny says:

    my iphone4 has just turned itself off… 30% battery was showing so plenty of power, wont turn back on, had it for 2 months from Orange.. any ideas?

  40. Got mine yesterday on 02 £15 credit unlimited internet and keeps saying cannot connect to itunes or youtube and it was letting me get on these things yesterday.Help please cause its getting on my nerves now!!!

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