iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Shown Clearly on Video

If you are sitting back and just wondering what all the fuss is about with this iPhone 4 antenna problem and its resulting reception issues what you need to do is head on down and take a look at this latest video.

The aforementioned video comes our way courtesy of Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo, and clearly shows what some are experiencing with the new Apple device, a problem that could well lead to a class action lawsuit against Apple.

You will note in the video which can be viewed below, the problem isn’t about the iPhone 4, or about lost bars basically but more about real data loss, and to be honest Steve Job’s response of “You’re holding it wrong,” simply just doesn’t cut it.

According to the article this iPhone 4 issue affects 40 percent of iPhone buyers “according to most web polls,” and according to a recent poll in the UK that figure jumps to as high as 93 percent.

So hit up the video below and check out visual proof that there is indeed an issue with reception on the iPhone 4, and at the moment all Apple suggest is to hold it differently or fork out for a Bumper case thus adding more cash to the Apple coffers.