New 3000 Minute Plan from T-Mobile Release Date

Word has it that T-mobile is going to unveil a new plan in the next few days, a plan that will offer 3000 minutes at a cost of $99.99, a T-mobile plan that was first rumoured back in June via a leaked T-Mobile training calendar.

Well now David over on Tmonews is reporting that the T-Mobile 3000 minute rate plan will launch on the 7th of July, according to their sources and “with $10 add a line for the third, fourth and fifth line.”

They do say though that it is strange as T-Mobile already offers unlimited minutes for $99.99 with their Family Talk Even More plan, so could it be possible that this is the first move towards a rate plan increase.

Other than that, at the moment nothing else is available on this new T-Mobile 3000 minute plan, but as the 7th isn’t that far off it’s not too long to wait and see.