HTC EVO 4G Shortages Hinder Sprint Lead

The HTC EVO 4G with Sprint is the only smartphone currently able to play nice on Sprint’s 4G network and there were hopes that the HTC EVO 4G would position Sprint advantageously over its rivals by attracting customers to their 4G network.

However according to an article by Niraj Sheth on the Wall Street Journal, Sprint Chief Exec Dan Hesse has said “We thought we would have more of a head start than we’ll end up having,” as apparently shortages of the HTC EVO 4G are limiting potential sales.

Up until now according to Macquarie Group, Sprint has apparently shifted some 300,000 HTC EVO 4G smartphones while demand for the device has been strong, manufacturer HTC has been unable to keep up with that demand.

According to the Sprint website the HTC EVO 4G is delayed without a ship date and according to telecom partner at consulting firm PRTM, Dan Hays, “The early move to 4G has benefited Sprint from a marketing perspective, but it hasn’t really proven out in a major way in subscriber growth.”

While the delay with the HTC EVO 4G handset continues, rival such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T move closer to launching their 4G networks, although HTC has added additional suppliers and recently signed a deal with Sony to supply screens.

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