iPhone 4 Recall Inevitable Says PR Experts

It seems the biggest debate in the smartphone arena revolves around the iPhone 4 and its obvious antenna problems, with Consumer Reports unable to recommend the device which we reported on earlier and can be read (here).

However according to an article over on CultofMac by Leander Kahney, Apple will be forced to issue a recall the iPhone 4 after the Consumer Reports report say PR experts, with Professor Matthew Seeger who is an expert in crisis communications saying…“Apple will be forced to do a recall of this product. It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has. This is potentially devastating.”

Former Clinton White House ”Master of Disaster,” Chris Lehane also a crisis communications expert spoke to CultofMac saying “the iPhone 4 reception issue presents a Toyota-style PR crisis for Apple, and the company must respond with a more meaningful fix than a software patch.”

Leading expert in crisis management and author of “Crisis Leadership Now”, Dr. Larry Barton has said “Apple should quickly issue a statement that either strongly refutes Consumer Reports‘tests; or admit the issue and detail some kind of hardware fix. Saying the iPhone 4 has a problem calculating signal strength doesn’t cut it.”

So what do our readers reckon, should Apple continue to simple say hold the iPhone 4 differently or purchase a bumper case, or should they issue a recall of the iPhone 4?


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    Gianni Barberi says:

    Instead of being so nasty with Gizmodo, had he given one to try, the problem may be appeared in time for a solution. A big laugh to all those nuts who made soviet style lines!

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