Motorola Droid X Review Videos

We have a couple of review videos for your viewing pleasure today of the latest Android handset to become available on the Big Red network, the new Motorola Droid X smartphone which can be viewed below.

The Motorola Droid X review videos come our way courtesy of Noah Kravitz over at Phone Dog, with the first video lasting nearly twelve minutes and the second lasting fourteen and a half minutes giving a total Motorola Droid X review time of twenty-six and a half minutes.

According to Noah, the Motorola Droid X is an excellent smartphone although he does say if he was to sign up for an Android device on Verizon right now he’d probably opt for the HTC Droid Incredible over the Droid X because he prefers the form factor if the Incredible but that’s a personal choice.

Anyway I won’t go on about what Noah has to say in his review of the Motorola Droid X, but rather let you simply hit the play buttons, sit back and enjoy getting to know the Motorola Droid X.


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  1. We're constantly talking about the Droid X being an alternative to the iPhone, but i think that the key issue is the whole point about the on board flash memory. While Google's aim is to push us into using the cloud, and this is given as the reason for the relatively low on board capacity, from a user perspective, you simply don't always have access to the web to stream content – think plane – and this is a big issue for many purchasers

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