Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference the Low Down

So what went down at that special Apple press conference today, well Apple chief Steve Jobs answered some of the questions that have been left nagging for some time on the iPhone 4 and bumper case, which all sounds good for the iPhone customer.

Thanks to the live blog over on Engadget we now know that the iPhone 4 is not alone in antenna problems as according to Mr Jobs most smartphones have weak spots and showed a couple of other smartphones dropping bars when held on the left side, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and the HTC Droid Eris both offered up as examples.

But what about iPhone 4 issue complaints? Well apparently AppleCare has received just 0.55% calls about the antenna or reception, and as for return rates, the AT&T return rate for the iPhone 3GS was 6.0% while the return rate of the iPhone 4 is just 1.7%, and as for dropped calls it turns out that the iPhone 4 suffers 1 additional dropped call per 100 calls than the iPhone 3GS.

All well and good but what iPhone users want to know is what is going to be done to resolve the issue. Well apparently Apple will give every iPhone user a free bumper case, but they can’t make them fast enough so have sourced other cases and will offer the user a choice.

If the iPhone user still isn’t satisfied they can return their iPhone 4 undamaged within 30 days and receive a full refund. Looks like Apple is being fair to iPhone users all round here.

So what else from Apple? Well that proximity sensor issue that’s been reported, the next update from Apple will fix that issue. How about the white iPhone 4? According to Steve, the white iPhone 4 will be shipped by the end of this month. And Apple will deliver the iPhone 4 to 17 more countries on the 30th of July with the exception of South Korea.

So that’s it, the Apple press conference low down, Apple actually giving their customers straight answers and the good news is those free bumper cases and white iPhone 4 shipping at the end of the month; seems like Apple is the good guy after all.


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  1. Rochard says:

    I believe Mr. Jobs is full of it these issues never existed in this manner till the iPhone 4 came out most recently. Throwing other smartphone makers under the bus when it is clear that they meaning APPLE created a major design flaw in iPhone 4. I am a proud owner of the HTC EVO the best smartphone on the market

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