Droid X Has Antenna Issue Too Claims Apple Video

Now you just know that when something has been pointed out to Apple, then the Apple guys are going to try and minimise any damaged to their reputation by shifting the focus away from Apple and its toys, especially when it comes to their latest tech, the iPhone 4.

Yes folks, Apple wants you to forget that the iPhone 4 has reception issues but isn’t willing to let it go themselves as according to an article over on Engadget by Ross Miller, Apple is now drawing attention to another smartphone that they say has reception issues, the Motorola Droid X.

Apple has added the latest Motorola marvel to their smartphone antenna performance page along with a video showing the bars dropping when holding the Droid X in a particular way, and naturally we have that video for your viewing pleasure below.

Obviously Apple isn’t going to be satisfied until they have shown that virtually every smartphone suffers from reception issues to a certain extent one way or another as they try to divert the focus away from the fact that the iPhone 4 isn’t such a perfect device as first thought.


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  1. Apple used only two cell phone providers in the tests, AT&T and Verizon. If Apple is trying to say the iPhone 4 isn't the only phone with antenna issues, then they should use more then 2 cell providers. All they're saying is that AT&T and Verizon both have low cell reception where the video was filmed. Come on Apple, admit you made a mistake with the antenna design with the iPhone 4 and you will get more respect then just saying "Here's an update to more accurately display the cell reception on your iPhone 4"

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    Snoops27 says:

    During World War 2 a device was used by both sides to intercept and disrupt radio signals. Seventy years later, don't you think it's just possible that certain companies have improved and updated the capabilities of this device in order to use it for somewhat different reasons. After all, this is a war of sorts too.

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    Youguysarefullshit says:

    You prpbably wont post this comment, but I will write it anyway. You claim that Apple is try to focus the attention on other smart phones to deflect the fact that the iphone 4 isn't perfect. What a bunch of crap. What was the first thing that Steve Job stated in his press conference? You have no idea do you? Well, I will tell you. He said that he knows that Apple and the iphone is NOT perfect. If Apple thoght that the iphone was perfect why would they give away $175,000,000 in free bumper guards or the case of your choice? I wish that you idiots would stop being biased with your reporting. Stick to the facts buddy. don't care if you post this comment or not.

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      James. says:

      Actually yes Steve Jobs did stated that the iPhone 4 isn't perfect; however, iphone fans have come to expect perfection from Apple. Let's face it, Apple cocked up with putting the antenna on the outside, why do you think everyone else puts them on the inside?

      The free bumper case giveaway is Apple way of saying "yes we got it wrong, but hey, have a free case to solve the issue which we should have fixed before handing the iPhone 4 to the public."

      As for the cost to Apple for giving away those bumper cases, well what price would you put on saving face and keeping customers?

      What I am saying here is although Apple did say the iPhone 4 wasn't perfect after the fact, they are now not willing to let it go by pointing out other smartphones have a similar issue to perhaps a lesser extent and thus deflecting the attention from the iPhone 4 issue.

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    baukus says:

    Come on folks, lets see this plastered everywhere like they did with the iphone, lets make a huge deal out of this!! Come on apple haters, lets see some posts about the copy cats fucking up. Suck my mac.

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