iPhone 4 Free Case, What About After September?

As most are aware, Steve Jobs promised during the Apple press conference over the iPhone 4 antenna issue that every iPhone 4 user would either receive a free case or have their money refunded if they had already purchased a bumper case.

Apple has already begun keeping that promise by starting the refund process, something we posted on earlier and can be read (here) and no doubt free cases are already being given to new purchaser hopefully.

The issuing of a refund and pushing out of free bumper cases has been promised to continue until the end of September, but what about after September? Obviously the iPhone 4 won’t suddenly stop selling on September the 30th, and it is somewhat doubtful that Apple will be able to come up with some other fix.

Perhaps Apple feels that after a couple of months and a cost of $175 million to Apple, the antenna issue will miraculously go away, which is highly doubtful as new customers after September 30th will be left with the antenna issue still intact.

So what do our readers think will happen once September 30th arrives, will Apple have come up with a permanent solution or will they be forced to continue offering a free iPhone case, or will the user have to find their own alternate iPhone case?


6 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Free Case, What About After September?”

  1. quade says:

    steve jobs will use the excuse that anyone purchasing an iphone after september should be aware of the deficiency and it will be their problem, not his

  2. O2 hater says:

    Steve Jobs did say in the press conference that Apple look at the situation again 30th Sept and whether they continue to hand out free cases or have a solution. Only they will know so another pointless discussion to open the gates to all readers who hate Apple and everything they stand for.

  3. Skye says:

    I was wondering this myself. It was suggested by someone that Apple might be planning to change the hardware as new phones are produced, and the 'new' phones will be availiable after September 30th. I'm really hoping that's just speculation as I haven't got the new phone yet, and it makes you wonder if you should hold on until September to see what happens.

  4. Ben says:

    Ive recently got the iPhone 4 and am having calls dropped constantly. I've spoken to apple who have said either get a refund or get a case – which I wont get for another 5 weeks. Not good.
    If I was you, I'd wait til September! Although I cant imagine they'll issue a new piece of hardware, and I doubt the software will solve it…they might be able to offer something of a compromise. The handset is quite simply phenomenal as a device, but the signal problem is a real step backwards!

  5. sharon says:

    I agree it is a great concept but even with the case or when holding it 'correctly' the signal strength is very poor considering other mobiles on the same network have full signal in the same place.

    although i seem to have had issues with updating the software.
    would be interesting to see if anyone else has had issues too.

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