iPhone 4 Bumper Refunds Started By Apple

Well Steve Jobs said Apple would give a free bumper to all iPhone 4 users and refund anyone who had already purchased one, and now it appears Apple is true to their word as they have begun refunding any iPhone 4 user that has purchased a bumper case.

According to an article by Vlad Savov of Engadget they have been receiving numerous tips that Apple has began channelling bumper cash back to iPhone 4 users.

The image they have posted appears to be a correspondence from Apple to a customer which reads…”Dear Apple Customer, Apple recently announced that iPhone 4 customers who purchased an iPhone 4 Bumper are eligible for a full refund. As of today, we have automatically processed your refund. Thank you for choosing Apple.”

So it would appear that Apple is indeed starting to refund those users who brought a bumper case before the promise was made, a promise that is going to set Apple back a hefty $175 million, such is the price for pushing out a not perfect iPhone.


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