HTC Desire HD Recording Can it Compete with Competitors?

The HTC Desire HD otherwise known as the HTC Ace is rumoured to be hitting the mobile arena sometime in October and is set to be quite an improvement over the original HTC Desire smartphone. One such improvement is the addition of HD 720p video recording.

Currently there are no hard and sure specifications on the HTC Desire HD device, but rumoured specs are the handset will pack a 4.3 inch touch screen, run Android 2.2 Froyo operating system although some say Android 2.1, and have a bigger 8 megapixel camera as opposed to the Desire’s 5 megapixel snapper.

Boosting the HTC Desire HD camera up to 8 megapixels means the addition of 720p HD video recording. However will this feature be able to set the HTC Desire HD apart from similar smartphones such as the iPhone 4, HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X, and the numerous Samsung Galaxy S smartphones along with many others.

The thing is 720p HD video recording is 720p HD video recording no matter what device it is on, and with all these other smartphones packing 720p HD video recording as well, will 720p on the HTC Desire HD be enough for it to compete with competitors? Feel free to drop us a comment on whether you feel the HTC Desire HD can compete with competitors.


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  1. Erich Zahn says:

    The HTC desire HD is likely to achieve a substantial market share in those countries(Europe, Asia, Australia) where the natural competitors like the HTC EVO 4G and Motorola Droid X are as yet, unavailable due to proprietary contractual agreements between Stateside service providers and the handset developers. While the Iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S both feature similar specifications to those rumored to exist in the DesireHD/ACE, OS restrictions by way of IPHONE OS4.01 and Android 2.1 for both offerings preclude the use of any flash content on their browsers. While this may be remedied on the Samsung with an update to Android 2.2 expected toward the end of the year, the Iphone4 remains well behind the curve. Though sales suggest there is still some life in form over function.

  2. Matt says:

    The Desire’s no competition even for my olden days iPhone 3g at present.

    I understand that it depends entirely what you use your handset for, but in terms of music playback the Desire is way behind Apple.

    I really hope that HTC improve things with the HD version but it sounds as they’re choosing to concentrate solely on video, etc, which is something I couldn’t care less about.

    It’s a shame really; I’d hoped that the Desire would be my ticket to lovely Android freedom.

  3. MikeP says:

    It will be running Froyo and it will need to do more than 720p as it looks like the CM6 mod will bring that to the Desire. Makes no sense to to launch the phone for that. Effectively you are only offering a screen upsize.

    Well see what it brings but maybe 1.2-1.5GHz, 8mp, Froyo, 4.3" makes more sense?

  4. Vanhype says:

    Another thing to consider using instead of the CIO and pin would be fingerprint recognition, it’s used sometimes in laptops why not on a phone?

  5. Vanhype says:

    Seriously they need to start comin up with something new, most people are chosing a phone (if not just to stick with the brand they know and trust) based on new features not seen on other phones, iPhone 4g re introduced the video call and made it sound new, on top of it being apple and the iPhone the front camera made it what it is, extra storage doesn’t really make a phone when you consider most phones have memory card slots

    htc (or anyone else wishing to be a major competitor) need to look at some new gimmics. How about a 1′ rear screen for taking photos – the front camera solves this yes but it is a new gimmic that bods who have to have the best of everything will want.

    I want the htc desire HD phone to bring every thing it currently has and something new not yet seen in mobiles – since the original iPhone came out there really hasn’t been much drastic innovation in phones only the software on offer, how about a phone that transmits to radio so you can hear ur music in the car while driving (without having to pay £60 for a fm transmitter kit), how about a phone that can change the colour of the case, how about a phone that has oyster card built in, or Bluetooth (or a new secure wireless transmitter) chip and pin to abolish the card, a phone with solar panels on the back that can be built into a sleak design or even a roller that can be used similar to those on torches that you wind up and they power the light or charge the battery, come on u can buy those torches for a 5er so the technology can’t be so expensive and with the phone screens getting bigger there should be space to build this in and make it possible without compromising too much of the weight, does anyone really care what the weight is if they have the beat technology in their hand – remember when 3 brought out their first phones they were like 2-3x heavier and larger than any other phones, how many times do you have to make an urgent call and can’t because the battery is dead or nwe’d to access information on ur phone and u can’t because it is dead, this I would lay good money for, what about using the phone as a way to go into hmv, find a cd or film u want and swipe the barcode, pay with a password or pin and still keeping the thrill of shopping there but going home and finding it has downloaded to ur computer or downloads when u turn it on

    im just giving some ameture ideas here surely someone in the technology innovation department that gets paid bundles can come up with better ideas than this

    stop boring us with your new shells and do something more

  6. david says:

    HD video recording is not the same on all devices at all. The video processing and lenses make massive difference. If you have read any well reviewed product that captures images digitally, the key elements they discuss are the image processing and lens.

    Some digital camera's perform better then similar spec snappers with higher MP count.

  7. Reg says:

    One of the main arguements I hear between iPhone and Android phones is the Froyo issue and the ability to get Flash 10.1 – HTC and others are missing the boat by not rolling out an update quicker or getting new phones in the shops which have this. Reminds me of Sky launching a year before BSB – the better system ultimately lost out.

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