Motorola Droid X Backordered until August by Verizon

Earlier today I posted that the Motorla Droid X is now out of stock at Verizon due to great demand for the latest Android smartphone out of the Motorola camp, and you can read that article (here).

Now though according to Florin over on Unwired View by way of Phone Arena, although the demand for the Motorola Droid X is way higher than anticipated by both Motorola and Verizon Wireless they haven’t seen major stock problems.

However, apparently the Motorola Droid X has now been placed on backorder by Verizon for shipping the 3rd of August, which just happened to also be the expected date the HTC Droid Incredible will start shipping again as well.

Having said that it is possible there are still a few Motorola Droid X devices out there and available but it’s a matter of locating them, so if you haven’t got your Droid X by now it appears you have a little wait ahead of you.


15 thoughts on “Motorola Droid X Backordered until August by Verizon”

  1. dissapointed says:

    Special thanks to the Bung hole bastard at Verison who charged my account and promised me that my Droid X was going to be delievered today (promised). "YES SIR I GIVE YOU MY WORD". Now here I sit. I should have gone to AT&T and gotten the I-Phone. Verison SUCKS!

  2. meg says:

    I had the same thing happen to me! She promised it shipped to me by tues and she flat out lied. Meanwhile, im using a phone in a city where vz navigator does NOT work and I've been through three of the same phones. Verizon does not understand that they are selling me communication and if they give me a phone that can't last my two years of service than they aren't holding up their bargain of communication, now are they? Then when you finally speak to finally high enough who actually have brains they understand this concept. So when I tell them this they offer a "generous" deal on the phones. Their chain of command is terrible and everytime you talk to someone they always have a different story for you. Each person has a new set of hoops to jump through or just continue giving you crossed signals. The lady on the phone had the nerve to tell me they were doing their best they support 5000 calls a minute! VERIZON THATS YOUR PROBLEM THAT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH 5000 CALLS A MINUTE! If you guys weren't such a big time sell out corp. you wouldnt need to answer 5000 per min. I should have gone to AT&T!

  3. John Myers says:

    Who are you peoplw dealing with. Order at VZ Company Store on the 18th, told it would ship on the 27th Fedex Overnite. Shipped the 20th received it the 21st. Phone works great. No issues so far

  4. jason says:

    Verizon is a scam artist. They sell proke phones, try to claim it is software problems. Later they tell you that they can just replace the phone, but send you a like new refurbished phone (which is also broken). Anything to stall you past your first 30 days with a phone so they can charge you full price for a change or keep you on a junk phone that never works, no matter how many replacements.

    I dont like cingular either to be honest though, I would rather verizon if they didnt cheat their customers and try to charge 35-100 every chance they get.

  5. Ryan says:

    I bought a Droid X at Verizon on a Monday (the 2nd) and the girl who sold it to me told me it would be delivered to me by Thursday the 5th. I was excited all day on Thursday but no phone. I called on Friday the 6th to get a tracking number and the girl said the phone HADN'T SHIPPED YET and that I would have it by the 18th. I'm going out of town on the 14th, and I might be without a phone the whole trip. Thanks, Verizon.

  6. andy says:

    I went to the store here in Missoula, they told me that they didn't have it but it would be in by saturday… I just called, on Friday the 6th, and the gal said it would ship on Monday. Today is Tuesday, and no overnight phone. I called, and the guy is telling me backorder for the DROID X until the 24th? I too have to leave for a trip tomorrow, and my current SCHI760 is broken. *sigh*.

    1. Clay says:

      Yeah I bought mine on the 7th of Aug. And the guy at the verizon store told me it will be in at the store the 25th and be at my doorstep on the 26th or 27th. Really hoping everything goes as planned. I'm so anxious to get it!

  7. joe says:

    I went in on the 6th, the guy told me it would be a 7-10 day wait til the shipped it; when i called to ask about the shipping number they told me that all of a sudden it would be at least 14-18 days before they even shipped it, then a few more days for shipping. By the time the 14 days is over it will probably be anothe month…

  8. allen says:

    sounds to me like verizon dont know what they are talking about. i orderd my Droid x on the 8th and they told me it wouldnt ship til the 23rd. they need to make up there mind when it is getting shipped out…. ohhh and i am so excited the days are dragging this is my first smart phone…

  9. Matt says:

    I ordered my Droid X on Tuesday 8/10 with fedex 2day shipping. I just called them, they said its been back ordered till the 25th. Doesnt mean Ill get it on the 25th, most likely well before then. Its not Verizons fault, they are in demand at a much higher rate then Motorola can put out. The Andriod phones are sh*tting on apples Iphone so much so, that nobody anticipated sales numbers quite like these. Verizon isnt the only consumer Motorla has to please with the Andriod series. Cant wait till it gets here.Im sick of my phone just being a phone.

  10. I'm sitting here waiting impatiently cause i just ordered my droid X but you guys need to understand that the demand for this phone is extremly high. Im a person comming from an iPhone 3G and just holding the andoird phone at the store was enough for me to get it. They have been marketing the hell out of the droids so alot of people want this phone. guys be patient and wait. its going to take time yes but just be happy you dont have AT&T like i do currently.

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