Motorola Droid X Seeing Display Issues: Videos

It seems that Apple’s iPhone 4 isn’t the only smartphone seeing a few issues lately as apparently the new Motorola Droid X is having a couple of problems of its own according to several online forums.

According to Sean Hollister over on Engadget, some Motorola Droid X devices are having display issues, serious graphical or electrical problems for some early adopters with reports turning up on Howard Forums, Droid Forums and the Motorola support forum.

Although currently it is not know how many devices are being affected by the display issue, apparently symptoms include vertical banding over part or all of the display ad rapid flickering. Word is some adopters have already had their device replaced, and some were told it was a common issue with respective launch day batches.

We have a couple of videos of the aforementioned Motorola Droid X display issues which you can check out below to see just what the problems are.

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