iPhone 4 FaceTime Even Works In the Middle of Nowhere: Video

So just how good is Apple’s new FaceTime video calling? Well apparently it’s pretty good as I can make a video call clear as a bell from sitting in an isolated area in the Pacific thousands of miles from any sight of land.

What we have here for your viewing pleasure today is an iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 FaceTime video call made by Philippe Kahn, on a boat midway between Santa Cruz and Honolulu competing in the California to Honolulu Hawaii 2010 Pacific Cup.

The video comes our way courtesy of Kyle VanHemert over on Gizmodo by way of Pegasus, and in the video the iPhone 4 uses a satellite connection and an onboard WiFi network to video chat back to California with fellow member of his team.

So it seems the iPhone 4 can make FaceTime video calls from the world’s remotest locations and does it rather well. Head on down and mash the play button to check out the video call for yourselves…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 FaceTime Even Works In the Middle of Nowhere: Video”

  1. mark says:

    I had to check it wasn’t April the 1st, the person that wrote this twaddle is 1 an i-phone owner & 2 an idiot.unless you carry a portable hot spot with you yo your field,easier to build a time machine, go back 7 years and use 3g .which by the way no one used, God its like flares coming back.

  2. @Snoops27 says:

    Surely the text should read, The iPhone 4can make calls from the middle of nowhere (with the help of a wi fi connection to a satellite connection). C'mon guys, the way you tell it makes out the phone to be some kind of amazing device and not until the 3rd paragraph are we told about the satellite. It's the satellite system which is doing the connecting, not the iPhone4.