iPhone 4 Saga: The Taiwanese News Take: Video

We have a video for your viewing pleasure today of what the Taiwanese News thinks of the whole saga of Apple’s iPhone 4, a video done in animation and depicts Apple chief Steve Jobs as Darth Vader.

This iPhone 4 saga take comes our way courtesy of Jason Chen over at Gizmodo, and even if you don’t understand Taiwanese you’ll quickly get the gist of this rather humorous video slap at Apple and the iPhone 4 or iCrap as it’s called in the video.

The iPhone 4 saga video lasts almost two minutes and covers queuing for the iPhone, Apple taking on Microsoft in a lightsabre fight whereby Steve Jobs becomes the dark lord, the raid on Jason Chen’s home in the Gizmodo iPhone 4 prototype scandal, Foxconn deaths and of course the antenna issue.

I’ll stop there and just let you head on down and mash the play button to check out Darth Jobs for yourselves as I’m sure this condensed animated version of the iPhone 4 saga will have you entertained for a little while…enjoy.

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