HTC Desire 2.29.405.2 Android Update Problems

For all you owners of the HTC Desire smartphone out there apparently there is now an Android firmware update available to your handset bringing the software up to version 2.29.405.2 and is for most unlocked HTC Desire devices.

According to an article over on Android Community and by way of Swedorid, this update is for unlocked version but at the moment it is unclear when carrier version of the HTC Desire will gain update 1.29.405.2 or even which regions will get it.

Apparently Android update v2.29.405.2 weighs in at 28.87MB and requires a minimum of 25MB internal space. Unfortunately though there isn’t any changelog available for Android 2.29.405.2 so we are not too sure on want the update delivers to the HTC Desire.

But apparently according to Androinica, there have been numerous comments that it is just a maintenance update to the device.

So anyone out there that has an unlocked HTC Desire and grabs update 2.29.405.2 feel free to shout out in our comments area is you experience any problems with download, installing and such…many thanks.


15 thoughts on “HTC Desire 2.29.405.2 Android Update Problems”

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    Brewer says:

    Downloaded fine after freeing up some space. Havent seen much change yet, though did spot a new UI on Market.

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    Patch says:

    No problems with the update, I assumed it was just a market overhaul. (Wasn't there talk of updates around the 2.3 release?)

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    himself says:

    Same to me. No problems with downloading after freeing the memory. No noticeable changes except for the one mentioned above.

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    dboyr says:

    the UI on Market was changed simultaneous with the update, but it wasn't in the update. I updated my Android system (on HTC Desire) after a few days and after the market was changed.

    I didn't spot any differences or changes after the update. I'm still searching for a change log, which is weird that does not exist!!.

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    Andy G says:

    Market updates come from Google not HTC. No clue what was in the update but it stopped my frequent httpd crahes. I hope it's a primer for Gingerbread though.

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    Jeremy says:

    I experienced menu and back button response problems a little while after the update, particularly the menu button. I hard reset the phone, but the problem persisted. Had concluded it was my hardware and not the update, but a few hours ago HTC released a further update, 2.29.405.5. The button problem appears to be fixed. My wife also has a Desire, yet experienced no issues with the original update.

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      Snowbird says:

      My update, about an hour ago, was still only 2.29.405.2, but I have encountered no problem with it so far. Are you sure yours is 2.29.405.5?

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    jasper says:

    updated last night (NL).
    menu button on home screen no longer works…..grrrr also trackball for camera no longer working!!!! now i need to tap the screen to take a photo. it works better cos theres no delay now = sharper pics, but now u no longer have the choice of WHAT to use. this really pisses me off by the way. every update seems to be worse than the one before!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jason Evens says:

    Done both updates. Since doing them my phone is now rebooting as soon as warm. Most frequently with Navigation but also Maps and when playing game. Understand this is a common problem / fault but never happened in 6. Months of use until now.

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    mart says:

    I'm having no end of problems. Messages don't notify correctly, if at all and the battery life has become incredibly bad, a few hours before it's into the orange.

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    Gavin says:

    Im noticing slow systems responces etc since the update, issues with messaging notification as highlighted above. I dont have the phone on me at present im hoping im only on 2.29.405.2 and can update again to get rid of these issues if not ill be routing the phone coz i had no issues at all prior to the update.

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    DrewZ says:

    well, i have 2.29.405.5 and it seems OK, except for one program i use for editing numbers prior to dialing out, which is completely overuled by the OS. So I´m either looking to have 2.3 or going back a version or 2 untill the software works. I just don´t know where I can find a reliable previous version of the Firmware. HTC site doesn´t …

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