Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Sprint Confirmed

The Samsung Epic 4G smartphone not so long ago received the Android 2.2 Froyo update and now the latest news says that this handset will get some Android 2.3 Gingerbread love soon.

The Epic 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been confirmed according to device.sprintpcs.com, this is awesome news if you own this mobile phone and many commenter’s over at XDA Developers Forum seem to be very happy.

Android Central mention that this is the Android 2.3 ED12 build for the Epic 4G, at the moment is on EC05.

Now the question we have to ask is if you think this is real or not? If you visit the Sprint site surely all that is shown here cannot be fake, surely. We will keep you posted on the above and will let you know when the Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update goes live.

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Sprint Confirmed”

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    unhappy says:

    I hope this is true and it will fix the bugs with the epic. Sprints service is horrible and my epic is very slow. If I don't get 4g soon I am jumping ship and going with verizon. I can't steam any videos to this thing without getting a load bar every 5 seconds.

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    LaGeorge says:

    Hello i would like to know how to put my contacts in groups on my Epic would could text family in one place Business, friends, and so on

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    Jerold G says:

    Looking to for a new activation soon, please let me know! It what I do, email me on my personal email address so I can respond from my corporate @sprint.com email address. gamarra34@gmail.com

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    sammo says:

    Well, since my epic hasn't even updated to 2.2 yet, and the only thing I get from the Sprint store is either, "Wait", or, "try downloading and see if you can install it yourself", I am somewhat less than hopeful.

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    doris says:

    I hope its true I love my epic but when I go to call log I have to open the keypad to dial a number and I hate that.
    I really hope that update its true so I can be really happy with my phone.
    I hopeits soon!

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    Anonymous says:

    And……….. the reason to believe it is true would be……….???….. surely not based on past performance and promises. The only reason I could even believe that we WOULD get it anytime close to soon is that Sprint figures they can’t use the old “do a hard reset”… “do a soft reset”….. “take the battery out…put the battery in….take the battery out…..” crap much longer. They have pretty much washed their hands with those of us who STILL do not have a fully/properly functioning Froyo 2.2 update (saying that made me think….. does ANY Epic 4G owner really have a fully/properly fuctioning system after the update….hmmmm). I got my phone in March; a couple days later here comes the update – yeah!…. wrong!…it has been a total nightmare and a bazillion calls to Sprint since then. After, what, maybe a week here comes the fix – yeah! – wrong again. What!! they wanted ME to pay for the fix at the “Service” Center, because I was not tech savy enough to do it myself … only because I could not get a straight nor detailed answer as to what had to be done. And still I didn’t give up, I kept believing and thinking Sprint would come thru. I stood my ground and finally Sprint stepped up and issued a credit for the fix. Ok, it’s was a start. And then I finally got to talk to someone who I thought was going to put me out of my misery. They were going to ship me a new phone… yeah! Wrong again. Upon going to hand over my Epic I saw my “new” Epic come out of the bag……………yes, you guessed it … a refurbished piece of crap that someone else got rid of. I wasn’t going to trade one set of problems that I paid $300 for, to get a $29.95 set of problems.

    Now, don’t think that I don’t like my Epic, I do, I really really do…. or I really really want to. But it has become more than evident that no one at Sprint even has a clue as to what the fix is. Seriously, Sprint has not, in MY opinion, shown any real accountability for the total mess they are either directly or indirectly responsible for, which many of us are left to deal with.

    So, here I sit; wasting hours upon days searching through forums, blogs and any other sites for a possible solution, only to try them and fail. The only answer I found is to root, and it is obvious that is the only and undoubtedly the best answer. But no matter how detailed and easy each site says their instructions are, I have no clue what they are saying much less what has to be done. I won’t kid myself, I am tech retarded and to try would only leave me with more of a mess, and the one responsible for the mess in the end. Do ya think maybe that is what Sprint would like to happen.

    Well at least I got it off my chest. So now I can go about my business (which is suffering due to this) and take the battery out….. put the battery back in…… hardset…..soft set…. until I’ve had enough or Sprint surprises me and finally comes through. Nah….I think I would have to bet against it…….. better answer – find someone to pay to root the phone. I’ll begin that search. (Yeah, it did get rather long….:) but it felt good!

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