Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System Streams via Mobile devices

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker system to compliment you mobile device, then do we have a treat for you.

Introducing the Samsung YA-SBR510, this is the world’s first hyper 3-channel surround speaker. This system boasts 3 impressive speakers, so you can enjoy your music with an amazing surround sound quality.

The Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth speaker is mains powered and offers style and sophistication, and is the perfect companion when listening to music from any Bluetooth enabled device. The speaker design is smart and sleek with a minimalistic look that is perfect in any environment.

The speaker system features AV2P stereo Bluetooth technology, but even if your device does not have Bluetooth you can connect via USB port or a 3.5mm aux point and you can even plug your TV into the speaker, with the built in optical port so you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and films with a great sound quality.

In addition, integrated within this intuitive Bluetooth speaker system are motion sensors that conserve power by only activating the units light display when it detects someone passing. Therefore, if left alone, the speakers will go into sleep mode and as soon as the motion detector detects music it will instantly wake up and pair with your device. The Samsung YA-SBR510 delivers 30 watts of power, meaning you can listen to your music with a brilliant surround sound.

Here is what you get in the box a slim line infa-red remote control, Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker, 3.5mm audio cable, AC Mains and Instruction manual, so you can unpack, set up and start listening to your music with no fuss — see video below. If you are interested in the Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth speaker, it costs £34.99 and can be purchased from the MobileFun online store.