Apple iPad 2 Accessories: Maglus Magnetic Stylus: Video

If you are anything like me, anything pen size is often misplaced or lost due to its size and if you use a stylus with your tablet this can often be the case, so where do you keep your stylus? Well there is a stylus available for the Apple iPad 2 that solves this problem.

The Apple iPad 2 accessory is the Maglus magnetic stylus for the iPad 2 and can be attached to many positions on the Apple iPad 2 or Apple Smart Cover to make sure it’s always at hand and lessens the chances of losing it.

And just so you can check out the Maglus magnetic stylus of the Apple iPad 2 we have a demo video of the device in action for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Razorianfly.

For further info about the Maglus magnetic stylus for the iOS tablet you can check out Fundit, as apparently they need to fund the first batch of the stylus to the tune of €15,000, and the pledgers will receive the stylus for a price of €24.99.

Anyway, head on down and check out the demo footage, and feel free to let us know if you think the Maglus magnetic stylus for the Apple iPad 2 is a good ideal and one that you would use…enjoy.

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