iPhone 5 or 4S: My Name is?

Well the latest revelations regarding the iPhone 5 seem to blow quite a few of the previous rumours regarding this device out of the water. That is of course if they are to be believed.

Apple’s newest iPhone has become known by us as the iPhone 5 and was thought to be launched with this name, but this new information that has surfaced indicates that the handset will actually be called ‘iPhone 4S’ and will look like the iPhone 4, but with an Apple A5 dual core CPU within.

The handset apparently will also not come with an 8MP camera and not be able to record 1080p HD videos, but will have a 5MP camera that is only capable of shooting 720p HD videos, with the front camera being the same resolution. This information comes to us by way of a thegadgets article via what they claim is there ‘Apple source’.

According to the thegadgets article there is no information on the screen size or resolution of the smartphone. However, their source did say that Apple has given the prototype versions of the ‘iPhone 4S’ to certain developers within the Apple headquarters and also some selected application developing partners who are getting the apps sorted for the phones release and that the prototypes must stay on the campus.

In addition, the source indicated that the iPhone 4S will not come with iOS 5, but will have a version of iOS 4 instead, believed to be iOS 4.5 or possibly 4.6 and that it is more likely that the iOS 5 will be revealed at WWDC 2011, with the release date being withheld. However, the shipping of the latest iPhone addition in ‘September’, is believed to be correct, with the white version being shipped from the start.

Earlier today we did a post on this topic, see article here and we would now like to know what your thoughts are on the ‘iPhone 4S’ name and the possibility of the iOS handset not coming with many of the features we were perhaps hoping for? Please let us know below.


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  1. I have an old IPhone 3GS and am well overdue an upgrade so it's disappointing that the next model that will be coming out in September won't be any great advancement on the IPhone 4. I may now stick with my 3GS until next year or look elsewhere, which is a shame as I do love the IPhone.

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