iPhone 6 Rumors: New Design, Polysilicon Liquid Crystal Panels

Well now, we haven’t seen the iPhone 5 anywhere near coming out to play yet and it appears the rumours of the following iPhone, the iPhone 6 have already started doing the rounds, the rumour that the iPhone 6 will have a new design.

According to an article over on Yahoo News, by way of Apple Insider, Ming-Chi Kuo of Concorde Securities published a report that claims the next generation iOS smartphone currently being called the iPhone 6 will sport a “new design and greatly improved hardware specifications for the sixth-generation iPhone.”

Apparently the iPhone 6 is apparently expected in the first half of 2012. Another report by Japanese newspaper, Nikkan also claims that the iPhone 6 will sport new Polysilicon Liquid Crystal Panels manufactured by Sharp and will release in 2012.

So there’s a couple of rumours’ concerning the sixth-generation iPhonealbeit somewhat early, so do any of our readers have their own wish list for the iPhone 6? If so feel free to let us know your wishes by dropping us a comment below…many thanks.

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