iPhone 5 May Come In Two Versions, Standard and Pro

In the past we’ve heard numerous rumour concerning the fifth generation iOS smartphone, but I haven’t heard this latest one before, the rumour that not one but two versions of the iPhone 5 may release this fall, standard and pro versions.

This latest iPhone 5 rumour comes via the iPhone Download Blog, who says that an Apple parts supplier employee has said that “there is reason to believe that the iPhone 5 will actually be two devices: a ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ model.”

Apparently the source couldn’t come up with any other details but he does believe that Apple is working on 2 versions of the iPhone 5, what he calls a “normal and a pro version” and that Apple is ordering “components of similar function” but some are the “very best” that can be got now, while others are standard versions.

The guys say they believe their source is reliable on this matter, and also say that according to an Apple insider the iPhone 5 will release after the “Back to School” season in the fall.

So what do our reader’s think on this latest iPhone 5 rumours, do you think Apple will release 2 models of the next iPhone?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 5 May Come In Two Versions, Standard and Pro”

  1. kate smtih says:

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  2. Knowing Apple, they always caught people by surprise. It doesn’t matter to them if they had just released their white iPhone 4 version last week. No one can stop them if they want to release the 5th generation iPhone in June. This is the downside of being an Apple fan. But considering that iPhone 5 will be released anytime soon this year, let’s just be a little more patient. Who wouldn’t want a dual-core device for their gaming needs?