iPad 2 Accessories: LTD Tool Case

For anyone with an iPad 2 who wants to give their tablet that added bit of protection, we bring you an amazing case for your device.

Called the iPad 2 LTD Tool Case, this file-designed case that is actually made of powder-coated aluminum on the outside adds protection to you Apple iPad 2, whilst still giving your encased tablet a great look.

The LTD Tool Case comes with a clam shell cover that can hold your iPad 2 in either a horizontal or a vertical position, it also has a silicon cushion on the inside, so the Apple tablet remains well protected and secure from within. The case also provides a digital clock display with time and date.

This iPad 2 case comes to us by way MobileTechReview via NewLaunches and has some more cool features including a clasp at the back so you can hang your device on a wall, a sound output slot, and a variety of colour options: gray, charcoal, canary yellow and blue. The case can be purchased for $140 via the LTD Tools online store.

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