Bin Laden Located via Mobile App Possibly: Tactical NAV

There have been unconfirmed reports coming out that an iPhone app may have been used during the mission to locate the whereabouts of Bin Laden.

The Apple iPhone app called Tactical NAV mainly uses the Military Grid Reference (MGRS), to assist soldiers with the mapping, plotting, and photographing of waypoints on the battlefield. The iOS app works like a wartime location-based service, by conveying coordinates to supporting units and is currently available via the iTune’s App Store for $5.99.

Bin Laden was killed by an elite crew of American forces during a daring raid on Monday, which capped the world’s most intensive manhunt. Bin Laden was shot during a firefight with the US special forces and his body buried at sea off a US warship.

In an article by appdebate they have quoted Army Capt. Jonathan Springer, creator of Tactical NAV as saying “I have no way to confirm or deny if Tactical NAV was used during this mission — but, I am extremely happy and proud to say that the hard work of our Armed Forces has finally paid off.” He goes on to say “My hat goes off to those who took part in this dangerous mission, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends whose loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving for our great nation.”

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