Nexus S 4G Update GRJ22: Enhancements, Security & Fixes

The Nexus S 4G from Sprint may have only just come on the scene, but that does not mean that it cannot have an update. So, for all you owners of this new device expect to receive a minor OTA (Over The Air) maintenance update sometime soon, if you have not already.

Please note that this smartphone will automatically download and run the file when done, which according to Sprint will be software version GRJ22 and will boast a number of enhancements, such as an improvement to performance and device security, International roaming by means of Google Voice and tags application when using between two Nexus S handsets.

As advised in the article by Android Central coming to us via Ubergizmo, for those that have not received an update notification yet, you can do a manual check by following these steps on you device, go to Menu – Settings – About Phone – System Updates – Update Firmware (or Android).

With the Nexus S 4G only recently being launched, it is great to see Sprint and Google not waiting around to release fixes. Have you updated? If so, please let us know what you think of the enhancements, whether good or bad.


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