Apple iPad To Gain Hector: Ep1 HD

As of Thursday the Hector: Badge of Carnage series is coming to the Apple iPad with Hector: Ep1 HD — We Negotiate with Terrorists launching as of May the 12th from Telltale Games in conjunction with Straandlooper.

So who is Hector? Well he lives in Clappers Wreake, “the city that took the Great out of Britain” and he’s a shining example of the town’s finest, a violent drunken guy that has a “taste for all things criminal, corrupt and smothered in curry.”

Hector: Ep1 HD – We Negotiate with Terrorists is the first of 3 episodes in which the user becomes Detective Inspector Hector and gets to unravel mysteries, serve justice, and solve challenging puzzles.

Hector: Ep1 HD for the Apple iPad will launch as of tomorrow and can be downloaded to your iOS tablet at a cost of £3.99/$6.66 from iTunes, with Hector: Ep2 — Senseless Acts of Justice, and Hector: Ep3 — Beyond Reasonable Doom releasing to the iPhone and Apple iPad in the Fall, for more info hit up Telltale Games

And just so you can see what Hector is all about we have a short promo video below for your viewing pleasure…enjoy.

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