iPad 2 & BlackBerry PlayBook Cases: Otterbox Defender

If you are a proud owner of the Apple iPad 2 and the BlackBerry PlayBook then please read about the new OtterBox Defender Series cases that will protect them.

The iPad 2 OtterBox Defender Series case will cost you $89.95, that may sound a little expensive but it will protect your Apple device. This is a rugged case that comes in either Black or clear, the inner polycarbonate shell has a foam interior to protect the back of your iPad from scratching. It also comes with an integrated viewing stand that is built into the screen protector is a great addition. For more information please visit OtterBox.

The BlackBerry PlayBook OtterBox Defender Series case has a hi-impact polycarbonate shell and comes with a clip on, multi-directional shield with built-in stand. This case priced at $69.95 comes in Black, Blue or White; the case is made with a clear protective membrane on touch screen and a high-quality polycarbonate shell plus durable silicone skin. For this case please visit OtterBox.

If you already own one of the above cases for your Apple iPad 2 or BlackBerry PlayBook please do send us your personal reviews.

We would also love to know if you think the cases are worth the money or they are a little too expensive for your liking.

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    gregoryd says:

    I have the defender for the iphone and it is great. I ordered the defender for my ipad2 and to tell the truth I am not that impressed. The case itself is ok but the cover is kinda lame in my view. I would of prefered a cover that stays attached by default but could be taken off if wished. I would think that if the cover was hinged they could of also put a magnet to shut the unit off when it is closed. Aslo the screen protector film was challenging to put on to say the least. Is ther any reason why they could not of used a hard screen protector like on the iphone version?

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