iPhone 4 Display Of The Year, Can iPhone 5 Be Better

The Apple iPhone 4 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market and when it comes to the display you will be happy to know it has won a “Display of the Year’ award, wonder if the iPhone 5 can better it.

The retina display on the iPhone 4 pushing out a stunning 640×960 gives you superb crisp images; The Society for Information Display (SID) gave the “Display of the Year Gold Award” to the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 has the same screen size as the iPhone 3GS yet Apple managed to pack more pixels giving the updated 640×960-pixel Retina display, the viewing experience and of course customers who use this smartphone will tell you how fantastic it is. If you own the iPhone 4 please let us know what you think of the retina display, all comments welcome.

Can Apple better the iPhone 4 Retina display with the upcoming iPhone 5 (iPhone 4S) aka whatever the name will be? Will the new smartphone expected to release in September have a larger display with more pixels?

Recap: Apple is making cuts on iPhone 4 production to make room for the new iPhone 5, can we expect an iPhone 5 announcement in June at WWDC 2011. Please read here about the new iPhone 5 being a global phone when release (Both GSM and CDMA features)

Source — Loop Insight via iDB


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    Joshua says:

    Thats basically the only reason why i got an iphone 4. The retina display was amazing. Otherwise, i wouldve just stuck to my 3GS. About the same speed anyway. Although, i sold my iphone 4 lol so i guess ill just wait for the 5/4GS/4G/4S

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