Angry mixed feelings on Temple Run for Android

The Temple Run for Android saga has gone on and on and yesterday we were pleased to be able to tell our readers that the game was finally available. However, although we expected that many people would be delighted at the news, the response was quite different as it seems that many of you are having difficulties or your devices are not compatible, leading to major disappointment and a fair amount of anger.

If you were waiting for Temple Run to make it to Android after the iOS app had previously been such a smash hit, you’ll know that the game was delayed several times. At the time this caused a lot of frustration from Android gamers desperate to get their hands on it and many were taken in by fake Temple Run Android apps. Imangi Studios, the developers of Temple Run asked for patience and warned against the bogus apps and finally gave a release date of March 27 (yesterday). They stressed that the delays in getting the game to the Android platform were because they wanted to get it exactly right.

At the time this seemed to be fair enough and we pointed out that maybe it was better to wait to get the game spot on for its release without any glitches or problems. When we reminded readers yesterday that the app had been released (Google Play link here), we said that hopefully Imangi Studios had got it 100% right and asked readers to let us know if the game was running smoothly for them and if they were pleased that the long wait was over. Unfortunately it seems that we opened a whole kettle of worms as we had many comments from people who sounded pretty angry.

The app is free and requires devices to be running Android 2.1 or later as we pointed out yesterday. However it seems that many people who’ve been waiting for so long are finding out their devices are not compatible. We’ve had comments from owners of the HTC Wildfire and Legend, Samsung Admire and Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Q, T-Mobile Mytouch, Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, Droid Razr and other handsets, all saying they are getting messages that their device is not compatible and some of those people have understandably become frustrated and annoyed.

We had a few comments from Galaxy S2 owners saying they’d managed to download it although it was described as ‘glitchy’ and a Droid 3 user said they managed to download it but got kicked out of the game after a few attempts. The sense that people feel let down is very tangible and one user pointed out that they’d been waiting for a long time and Temple Run for Android wasn’t compatible for either their own device, or any of their friend’s devices. We know that there are probably many of you who are quite happy with Temple Run for Android and playing the game quite happily as we speak. However there seem to be an awful lot of people who are dissatisfied and very unhappy about the app they’ve waited for so patiently for so long.

We’d like to get an idea of how widespread these problems are. If you are having trouble getting Temple Run for your Android device, or have managed to download it but are having further problems, then let us know by sending your comments below this story. Do you feel disillusioned and let down by the Android version of Temple Run?

UPDATE – Please check out our article at this link for news that the Temple Run for Android game has now received an update to fix some of these problems and make more devices compatible.


525 thoughts on “Angry mixed feelings on Temple Run for Android”

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    Mikelawrence30 says:

    I’ve managed to download temple run onto the HTC Sensation, although not through the Android version of the app store, “Google Play”, but rather through the internet which was annoying.
     Secondly, when playing the game it is very glitchy, instead of running smoothly it sort of staggers whilst running. Another problem is jumping over the fire or stone barrier. Having played on the iPhone, I know the timing you can use to get over these barriers by jumping. On the HTC, the jump has to be performed well in advance, sometimes missing out on coins, or just disrupting your flow, and if you don’t jump well in time, you die.For all of Imangi Studios talk of getting the app just right for android, in my opinion they’ve failed.

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      Daniel says:

      I also noticed lag on my HTC Sensation. I also noticed that the buttons in the store were not working good either. Vwhen you lose a game and it shows you your score, the store button, and get more coins button are cut off. Sometimes when I fall off the stone walkway, it says I hit a tree. Although the game is still playable, it is nowhere near as smooth as my iPad.

      1. Reply
        Mikelawrence30 says:

        yeh ive noticed both the things you said after a bit more playing. you have to continually try and press the store buttons before they actually work. i have been playing it ok, but when the character starts running faster, the glitchy lag is extremely annoying. definitely nowhere near as smooth as on any iOS device i’ve played it on

    2. Reply
      GreyHoundBlack_007 says:

      hey man! you don’t jump over the fire and stone barrier. That can never be done. And that is not how you play it. WHat you should do is slide under the fire and stone barrier!

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    Joey says:

    I have the droid razr maxx and am completely disappointed I cannot play. Ive been looking forward to playinh Temple Run on a screen bigger than the iphone, but apparently my device is not compatible. Extremely disappointed and frustrated, as is my daughter.

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    guestwho says:

    I’ve waited for this for so long only to find out that it’s not compatible to my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy y. Hope this could get fixed soon or should we wait for another year for this? If that’s the case then never mind.

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    Breyah2cute says:

    I have the lg optimus S …my device is not compatible with thatversion 🙁 im very upset, annoyed amwi

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    Scarface says:

     I’ve got a HTC Desire HD and the app installs fine however I do experience a lot of the occasional lag which disrupts the gameplay.

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    Nospam says:

    I have Samsung Exhibit and it does download. However, after playing a couple of rounds, it kicks me out and closes the app when I try to play again. Annoying, but at least it only happens between rounds (at least so far) and not in the middle of running.

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    Ellis says:

    Its saying the same thing for my phone (samsung galaxy ace white) so its not compatible. When will a compatible version come out?

  8. Reply
    Ken says:

    Works smooth on my Nexus S, but kicks me out of the game when trying to “Run Again” all the time.

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    Joelowry3 says:

    My samsung galaxy mini has the 2.1 required for it but it says incompatible all the time.. so annoying waiting this long and this happens

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    Joeycee says:

    I’ve got a Wildfire which is running version 2.2.1 and this is apparently not compatible. I’m quite dissapointed, and will have to continue stealing my husband’s iPhone to play. Umm, I wander if I can implicate Imangi Studios in a divorce case……. he’s getting really annoyed with me!

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    Kayla says:

    I feel extremely let down. I played Temple Run for a while on my iPhone before it was stolen and when Igor my new phone and installed android, I waited anxiously for the Temple Run release which kept being moved back. When March 27th finally hit, I downloaded it with a smile on my face only to have that wiped away by the lagging and lack of responsive controls in the game. I would prefer to have a smile on my face from the company that helped me get through the past semester of college. I really hope they fix this soon for their true fans who have been waiting sooo long.

  12. Reply
    Kayla says:

    I feel extremely let down. I played Temple Run for a while on my iPhone before it was stolen and when Igor my new phone and installed android, I waited anxiously for the Temple Run release which kept being moved back. When March 27th finally hit, I downloaded it with a smile on my face only to have that wiped away by the lagging and lack of responsive controls in the game. I would prefer to have a smile on my face from the company that helped me get through the past semester of college. I really hope they fix this soon for their true fans who have been waiting sooo long.

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    Guess says:

    i hope the whole network crashes for their lack of skills to make it compatible for all android phones

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    Bevans says:

    stupid, waiting for ages for it to come out and then it isn’t compatible on my phone, htc wildfire s,which is running on android 2.3 

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    Laureentabs says:

    I was waiting for months to have this app. It says its not compatible on my phone, HTC wildfire S….

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    Shan says:

    I am very dissapointed I have a lg optimus it says it wasnt compatible with my phone . I waited for so long for it to come out . I downloaded temple run from some website but idk if its the real one because it freezes and stuff . 🙁 :'( I wanted to play in school

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    Cavkiduk says:

    Is the scoring system different to the iPhone? Because I have all the upgrades to the max and I am making 5k runs but still do not get a score even near the iPhone version the multipliers for the coins etc that come with the upgrades do not seem to take effect, other than that works fine on my desire HD

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    Davidleahy22 says:

    I have a samsung galaxy ace and it wont download i was soo pissed off coz i waited soo long fo it to come out. My freind has a samsung galaxy y and it doesnt work on his phone either.

  19. Reply
    Monacoevans says:

    hey i have the andriod ally version 2.2.2 and it want let me download please fix this problem i am very unhappy after waiting such a long time patiently please fix it

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    Jess Wills33 says:

    I have the market version 2,2 but when I downloaded on my HTC Wildfire S I was told my device was not compatible with the game. I was very disappointed as I have been waiting for a ling time

  21. Reply
    Hotpinkgirl 09 says:

    lg optimus t 2.2 yet its not compaatible…im pist like i was waiting for this game for the longest time, NOT FAIR!!!

  22. Reply
    Rinalea56 says:

    My HTC wildfire S is “incompatible” therefore I’m unable to download or play the game – this SUCKS

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    Maryluvsjohncena says:

    I honestly have to say, I almost cried when I saw that I couldn’t get temple run. I legit been counting down the days until it came out. And after all that, I end up with nothing. I can only play it on my sister’s phone since she has a samsung galaxy s. So, please please please imangi studios, can you make temple run available on the htc wildfire s, and of course all the other android devices that can’t get it, when they’ve been soooo patiently deserving of it.

  24. Reply
    Pablomulvihill94 says:

    Plz fix it I’m sure there be so many more happy people
    I have HTC wild fire s its all up to date

  25. Reply
    Sam Stannard says:

    I think the people that made the game should actually make it work on htc wildfire s because i would download it if i could

  26. Reply
    Nowaskimelanie says:

    My daughter plays all the time on her iphone and I couldn’t wait to get it on my Razr….then it tells me its not compatible!!! Why?????

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    Danielpaulblain says:

    I have a galaxy ace and I have been waiting for the android release since the day it came out on ios. Now it seems it is incompatible with my phone even though I have 2.3.3 gingerbread. I hope that this problem is so widespread that Imangi Studios will fix it (and they better fix it soon).

    1. Reply
      Yogesh says:

      have faith ..it is working on galaxy ace.. although a bit slow.. and not as smooth as on iphone… will do a bit of tweaking and try to perfect it

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    Tamika says:

    I’d rather wait an additional amount of time just so my phone (lg optimus v which is android 2.2.2) along with other phones are compatible with this game. It is not fair to us android users that only a select few phones are able to have this game be downloaded.

  29. Reply
    Nysirbeaufort says:

    I waited so long and its not compatible with my android!!!!??(Samsung admire version 2.3.4) why is this happening to me?!

  30. Reply
    Dpdangelo says:

    There should be an update ASAP on the temple run app allowing it to be compatible with any Android phone because its not fair to those (Including myself) that waited so long to play it and are not able to…

  31. Reply
    aiden says:

    i cant even FIND the app on the play store app never mind download it. (HTC Wildfire S) this is really annoying, iv been so excited about this game for so long. Imangi have been a massive let down!

  32. Reply
    Jason says:

    waiting for it and now the game wont even work on my galaxy Apollo. Angry:@ trying to get it a 100% well it failedau

  33. Reply
    Saintsface says:

    this is rediculous been waiting for i dont know how long and its not even “compatible” with my phone this is BS

  34. Reply
    Jordan7 says:

    why isnt the game on htc wildfire or any other of these droid phones at that this is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Reply
    Benni_cordell says:

    I feel left out at lunch and during breakfast and also when our teachers let us have our phones out because the have iphones and i have a samsung gravity which is not “compatible” with my device and the are playing temple run and i can’t becuase i cant get the app 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(M :( 

  36. Reply
    Tyler says:

    ive been waiting for a while for temple run and now its out and in running 2.3.3 and the minumum is 2.1 like what the hell the only person i know that can run it is my friend with the samsung galaxy nexus running on 4.0.1 so i dont know what the developpers did along with android but u messed it up and im very dissapointed with it and i have the lg optimus one and the only people i know that know no troubles with anything are apple users. so hurry the hell up and fix this BS

  37. Reply
    Jeremyrothlein says:

    Incompatible for Samsung galaxy prevail on boost mobile are we just able to download 2.1 software IR something?

  38. Reply
    jimmy says:

    i can’t get Temple Run and I have a LG  optimus  android 2.2.2 smh im so mad :( 
    T-Mobile LGE LG-P509

  39. Reply
    Ecjollyrancher says:

    I have a samsung gravity smart and its not compatible which makes me really mad iv been looking forwed to the game forever I always feel left out when all my frineds come over nd start playing it

  40. Reply
    alikla says:

    I have a samsung galaxy, I was able to download the app but it is very glitchy. Constantly jumping/skipping and making it harder to play/play accurately. Hopefully there are some update fixes soon!

    1. Reply
      HjKKK says:

      ya buddy i got that phone too and when i saw it wasnt compatible i was like wtf i waited this long for nothing

  41. Reply
    Toe says:

    Motorola Atrix 2 – Had to go to internet to get it, cannot find it in Google Play. While playing, works fine, but app completely closes after 2 or 3 “run again” presses. But, starts right back up and plays fine for 2 or 3 runs, then closes again. It does remember my power ups from each time it closes. Kinda sucky, but from the sound of it better than a lot of others. Will continue to play it as is and wait on upgrades.

  42. Reply
    Slim says:

    Its not compatible with my Optimus V even tho I have Android 2.1. What type of ish is that – _ –

  43. Reply
    ben reece says:

    I Have A Galaxy Ace And I Feel Very Let Down By This App As It I s Not Compatible With My phone, I have Been Waiting A Few Months For This And Hope They Sort It Out Soon.

  44. Reply
    TheOne says:

    Not compatible with the Droid Bionic, been waiting for so long and downloaded so many fake versions that I am passed angry to a point where I really don’t care for the game anymore.

  45. Reply
    Lindyhyland97 says:

    i cant download it because Google play says it is not compatible but my entire SD card is cleared and im running. Android Version 2.2.1. on my LG Optimus V(5)

  46. Reply
    derek ramen says:

    so disappointed, with Temple run, I have waited for awhile then its not compatible with my HTC wildfire S …

  47. Reply
    Daneitraloveless says:

    I’m very upset about the situation of not being able to download temple run to my ANDROID device… SOMETING needs to be done about this problem IMMEDIATLY I am getting more angry every second I am not playing the game…PLEASE do something…AND FAST!!!

  48. Reply
    crissy woods says:

    yes ive waited so long and im very depressed that all of a sudden my samsung galaxy prevail is incompatible its sickening

  49. Reply
    fernlana says:

    This sucks iv been waiting for a month for this stupid game and yesturday when it came out it said not compatible with my divice!!!!!! is there any way i can get it on lg optimus!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.2.1

  50. Reply
    Joshachs says:

    I bought a $300 droid razr and its sayin i cant download temple run how is it compatibal with droid x and stuff but not the newest phone i mean seriously

  51. Reply
    Kingandrew234 says:

    I have a samsung galaxy prevail for boost mobile and temple run doesn’t even show up in my play store.

    1. Reply
      Yogesh says:

      its playing on galaxy ace… but not that smooth as in iphones.. will do a bit of more research and tweaking and let u know

  52. Reply
    Angelannihilate says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Precedent from straight talk, and my phone isn’t compatible. Been waiting a long time for nothing really. :/

  53. Reply
    Bamxcore says:

    Game runs fine on my SGS2, although twice now it has frozen resulting in me having to reset the phone (pull battery out or turn it off and on) and when i have powered it back on all my progress was reset back to 0! they need to fix that, the game is pointless with that going on.

  54. Reply
    Ksrajni says:

    so disappointed, with Temple run, I have waited for awhile then its not compatible with my HTC wildfire S

  55. Reply
    Jeffeboy23 says:

    I have the samsung galaxy prevail and its saying its not compatible! I’m very upset! I’ve been waiting for so long and I was so excided for the game to come to droids market anndd now I can’t even download the game and its not even in the app store! Please fix this problem fast!

  56. Reply
    Yogesh says:

    hi ti all galaxy ace phone owners… i have recd a lot of emails on my id vic2408@gmail.com the moment i said it is playing on my samsung galaxy ace from you anxious folks and children. it is working definately but not as smooth as on iphone.. so guys gimme some time . .will do some tweaking and let u know how to get it

  57. Reply
    Yogesh says:

    hi ti all galaxy ace phone owners… i have recd a lot of emails on my id vic2408@gmail.com the moment i said it is playing on my samsung galaxy ace from you anxious folks and children. it is working definately but not as smooth as on iphone.. so guys gimme some time . .will do some tweaking and let u know how to get it.. Yogesh Shah Mumbai India

  58. Reply
    Jessica says:


    Very dissapointed that temple run seems to be ‘uncompatible’ with my Samsung Galaxy Mini, I would love for this to be fixed as I do have Android on my phone.

    Kind regards, Jessica.

  59. Reply
    Faith says:


    i am very angry for i have been waiting for the TEMPLE RUN app on my HTC wildfire s  2 days after the ” realising ” of temple run

  60. Reply
    Sam says:

    i hav put it on my galaxy mini through 4shared but its lagging ……… plz help to make it run smoother

  61. Reply
    Carys says:

    I have a HTC wildfire s and its not compatible. I think its stupid that we weren’t told beforehand that it wouldn’t be compatible with certain devices. Also considering they spent so long “perfecting” the app, they didn’t do a very good job. They should have ensured that it would work on ALL devices and that it wasn’t glitchy. I would rather have waited another month to get it if it meant that :- a) I actually GOT the app and b) it was faultless!

  62. Reply
    Mbarrelle says:

    On the DROIDX it works ok but you get kicked out after ever 2day runs and its just a really glitchy game y’all should really fix this or ill delete it and just play on my ipad!!

  63. Reply
    Giovannigarzon1 says:

    It isnt compatible for my android lg optimas, I’ve been waiting for months for temple run to come out just to find out my phone isnt compatible. And I have the right version too… RAGE!

  64. Reply
    Raeannetan18 says:

    I can’t download it on my HTC ChaCha!! Btw, my phone is using Android Market, not the Google Play..but it should STILL be able to download!! 😮 >:( 🙁 :'(

  65. Reply
    man says:

    Sometimes it kicks me out and its really laggy during gameplay for the samsung galaxy S1. This sucks

  66. Reply
    galaxyfan123 says:

    Not compatible with my Galaxy Mini, even though I have 2.2 android when only 2.1 is required? Please help ? 

  67. Reply
    Vicmic1011 says:

    I have a samsung admire, its a droid, I have 2.3 and im not compatible. I am so frustrated thzt I cant get it. I have been waiting months and now I cant get it

  68. Reply
    britnee williams says:

    i am VERY upset that my phone isnt capatible. i have a samsung galaxy prevail and it will not let me download the app and alot of my friends arent able to get it either. i thought this game would be compatible for all android phones. i have been waiting for this game for so long only to find out i am not compatible and i am very upset about this

  69. Reply
    Jasperbrucewright says:

    I had been waiting for months for Temple Run Android to come out, and when it did, my HTC Wildfire S wasn’t compatible with “this version” of the app, which gives me the impression that it might be made compatible, ( in a couple of years?!) but until that happens, I will continue to be extremely irritated!

  70. Reply
    Allxforxbullet says:

    Not compatible with my HTC Wildfire S.. Very disappointing; especially after the long wait..

  71. Reply
    Shayhay29 says:

    IU have wait for so long for temple run to come to android and i cant downloadit it says its not compatible with my at&t vimicro tablet. this pisses me off.

  72. Reply
    Siobhanhardt says:

    Really pissed that it wasn’t compatible on my Samsung Galaxy Ace, especially since I have been waiting since January, very disappointed.

  73. Reply

    I have been waiting for soooo long and then when it comes out it is not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Ace!!! I am very disappointed. I have been waiting for a long time! Please fix this and come out with an update or something to fix this problem. 🙁 PLEASE  

  74. Reply
    Triple Entente says:

    I was able to download it on my nexus s but it kicks me out and the game lags. Also when I jump to collect the powerups, sometimes I go through them without getting them.

  75. Reply
    Malikmdsw says:


  76. Reply
    Disappointed Person says:

    i have and lg optimus v and it is saying the the games is not compatible with my device and im operationg on 2.2 i believe

  77. Reply
    Daghiaevans says:

    i am highly upset and sad :/ i have been checking in my market everyday since the first time I heard about temple run … && all that time I wasted and battery I wasted I find out it doesn’t work on my phone :/ please somebody fix that

  78. Reply
    Disappointed:/ says:

    I’ve been waiting to get temple run on my htc chacha for ages and when I finally heard that it was coming out on android phones I was looking forward to finally get it on my phone. I tried to download the app on my phone with google play but to my disappointment it said my phone was not compatible. It would be really great if the app could be introduced to all android phones because I agree with the many people that are disappointed with this and the glitches the app has. Could you please fix these problems.

  79. Reply
    rachel cochrane says:

    I’ve been able to.download temple run on my galaxy fit from another website as google play daid my device.wasn’t compatible with the game :/ its very very glitchy and kicks me out of the game randomly :/

  80. Reply
    Ciarabowden11 says:

    I dont uderstand why google play is telling me my device is not compatible with the temple run app yet i have a 2.2.1 android version?o.O

  81. Reply
    Tkway says:

    I am a user of the LG Optimus V, and I am very disappointed. My reason being is because at one point I was able to download temple run and it was at the time when I kept get the countdown screen. And now that its finally here I am unable to download it…….Wwhhhhyyyyy!!!!! I scream. I played this game for the first time on a friend’s Iphone and it was so I addictive that she had to practically pry her phone from my hands…..I hope to one day, hopefully. soon get to download this game on my LG, or must I go out and spend hundreds of dollars on the Iphone just to get Temple Run……..I beg of u please come up with a solutions for the numerous of Temple Run fans whom weren’t able to download this app. I’m in tears, so sad. 🙁

  82. Reply
    N Mccrea123 says:

    complete and utter let down!!! been waiting for ages on this app to go and try to download it and find that its not compatible with my samsung galxay ace!!!! disgrace!!! :/ im very dissappointed in imangi studios! they should have catered for all the devices they offer…or at least not got the hopes up of the people who haves devices that arent compatible!!! :/

  83. Reply
    Jhjustin2 says:

    Its not working on my gravity smart this is some bs, y’all should just combine android and I phones

  84. Reply
    Prettysmartgirl says:

    I Have A Gravity Smart And EVERY Time I Try To Download It It Says The Game Is Not Compatible With My Phone….And I Was Witing For Weeks For Temple Run To Come Out On Android.UGH !!

  85. Reply
    Jsarro11 says:

    I have a samsung admire andriod and it says its not compatible im very sad I was so excited for it to come out and this stinks :/

  86. Reply
    Pishmans says:

    I have Virgin moble and it doesn’t show up I tried on my friends android and it was right there so Temple run now also has to be compatibly with Virgin Mobile and all other androids  

  87. Reply
    Ucnedi says:

    I have the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S and it is so laggy. Sometimes the game moves slow, which makes me fall.The loading screen is too slow, when I fall and lose, when I click new game or play again “I forget what it really says” I go back to my home screen and I have to open Temple Run again. THEY NEED TO FIX THIS MESS ASAP. On the good part, I am patient with it so I still play it since the game is so awesome.

  88. Reply
    Tippymitchell says:

    Temple run doesn’t work for my Samsung galaxy prevail and I’ve been waiting just as long or even longer than those who’s devices are compatible. I hope this problem gets cleared up soon.

    1. Reply
      Ladyskilld69 says:

       its upsetting that it is not compatible with my htc wildfire, i would only hope that the problem is fixed.

  89. Reply
    sammi says:

    Thank you so much for giving me a place to tell you what my platform is. I’m on an LG Optimus V Android and I was quite put off by not being able to install the game. Please bring to Optimus V! Thank you:)

  90. Reply
    Shannon says:

    I am very disappointed. I have been waiting for this for months. All of my friends have it for their iPhones and I just wanted it for my LG Thrive. It meets the requirement of the 2.1 or later operating system.  I hope that they in the near future fix the game so I can download it.

  91. Reply
    Ducktopia301 says:

    I was able to download and use this game without problems with my HTC Sensation. The only weird thing is the video resolution and graphic quality but the rest seems ok.

  92. Reply
    Catsbaseball7 says:

    Trust me its better that you can’t download temple run from Android! It is a complete disappointment! The resolution is awful, its extremely laggy, and th one reaction time is horribly slow.. I have played temple run on my ipod and my friends iphones and there is no comparison in the two… I am very disappointed that it took them so long to release the game and its complete crap..

  93. Reply
    Pokechapineram says:

    I have an Avail phone and it says that my phone is not compatible, even though it operates with the android version 2.3 i believe  

  94. I have a rooted htc droid incredible running aokp build 28 rom, the game’s compatible, so I downloaded. However, every time i swipe right or left, the guy jumps and to slide I have to pinch towards the middle of the screen. Let’s not forget that to select new game or some other button I literally have to start tapping with two fingers on the screen. This is messed up. 

  95. Reply
    Abhishek71297 says:

    Ive got an HTC desire running honeyomb and
    Let me tell you it is extremely laggy and insensitive – slow reaction time compared
    To an iPhone..very dissapointed

  96. Reply
    oscarlj21 says:

    I have the droid x I was successful to download temple run but having a lot of trouble with glitches not good.does anybody know if they’re trying to fix this problem..:(

  97. Reply
    Yogesh says:

    hi ti all galaxy ace phone owners… i have recd a lot of emails on my id vic2408@gmail.com the moment i said it is playing on my samsung galaxy ace from you anxious folks and children. it is working definately but not as smooth as on iphone.. so guys gimme some time . .will do some tweaking and let u know how to get it.. Yogesh Shah Mumbai India

  98. Reply
    Kaelynknox says:

    temple run doesnt work on my sasmsung galaxy prevail it comes up but says the phone is not compatible

  99. Reply
    ???????????/ says:

    i know it sounds sad but i got a new phone with my bday money mainly because temple run would be better on it ,and now its not working 🙁

  100. Reply
    Orre37 says:

    The game is not compatible whit my Samsung GT-I5500, i would be very pleased if you guys could fix this.

  101. Reply
    Quamclemore says:

    it wont work at all i have samsung dart which is 2.2 and it still wont work ugh help please

  102. Reply
    Cheetospuff97 says:

    I have the lg optimus v and it says its not compatible… Im PISSED ive been waitin for temple run on android for soo long… please please fix that problem

  103. Reply
    Elishiaroccks says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy mini and have waited what seems like a life time for it to come out only to look on google and find the horrible words “Your device is incompatible” …. My face dropped -_-

  104. Reply
    Cool Valeria says:

    I Have A Sony Ericsson x8 And It Say Its Not Compatible:( I Have Been Waiting For This Game For Ages!

  105. Reply
    Nad says:

    It is very choppy on the Samsung Charge. It will run for awhile but once it starts glitching it will always crash. Usually the crash happens right an obstacle and no matter what you do you hit the obstacle. Then it will take you to the play again screen, once there if you hit play again it will force close. Once it was so bad my phone was non-responsive for about 20 – 30 seconds. So in conclusion it is fun to play for second or two, but I could not see myself being entertained for very long. This is due to the fact that it will crash when you are trying for a high score. The game just moves too fast at that point and you will hit a game ending obstacle that you have no control over. I would be happy if the graphics were not as good but I could actually play the game.

  106. Reply
    Jaceal Chism says:

    Oh yea i have been waitin for temple run on android for soo long… please please fix that problem lg optimus s

  107. Reply
    Laxgirl1515 says:

    I have been waiting for this game so le (ong, and I was really disappointed when it said my device (lg optimus slider) wasn’t compatible!!!!! What ever than means…..I just want it on my phone!!! >:l

  108. Reply
    Laurenhotto says:

    Oh my god this is messed up. They said its be out for android on march 27 and they never said anything about some devices being compatible and others not being compatible. Please just hurry up and get it on ALL android phones!!! And stop letting ppl down!!!!! Including me. O___0

  109. Reply
    F Talbot35 says:

    it won’t work on my galaxy mini 🙁 neither will robot unicorn attack and draw something but I’m to poor to get a better phone

  110. Reply
    Lovecolleenpeace says:

    I have an LG Enlighten phone and have patiently been waiting for this app on android. When I go to Google Play it says my phone is not compatible with this app. All the other apps are compatible and my device is recognized by Google Play. Any ideas? Anxious to run to the temple. My mom got the app on her Nook Tablet, rooted with CM7.

  111. Reply
    bl00dbank says:

    i’ve waited so long
    i have samsung galazy ace
    its not compatible
    please make it compatible now!

  112. Reply
    Speedshukor says:


  113. Reply
    Ginahaydenbest says:

    Yeh. im let down. i have the galaxy s2 and cant tilt to get the coins. its frustrating as i had made a note in my diary for the release date and now i have got it i cant enjoy it as much. will these problems be fixed? I flippin hope so. im so dissappointed.


  114. Reply
    Pstey says:

    I have an HTC EVO and I find the game to be pretty unresponsive. When I try to switch direction it seems to react noticeably slower to the point where the game is too hard to play. If I play on an IPOD. the reaction time is extremely fast. 

  115. Reply
    Tiana says:

    Yall should seriously make Temple Run compatible with all Android phones…. I can’t get it on my LG Enlighten for Verizon and it really upset me when it said that my device wasn’t compatible with this version. You all have made alot of people disappointed because of this and you should fix it as soon as possible! 🙂 it would be GREATLY appreciated.

  116. Reply
    UNKNOWN says:

    the app doesnt work on my HTC Wildfire S >:( i waited SO long for it and now i cant get it it :”( please fix and make it compatible for my device

  117. Reply
    Taylorgang3lol says:

    Temple run doesn’t appear in my Samsung galaxy prevail’s Google play store i don’t understand why it wouldn’t be capable on my device if my device has full touch screen and rotation

  118. Reply
    Reecesproulelive says:

    Fix this please i waited so long for it and it does not work on my SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE no reason for it not to work now fix it and when will it be fixed?

  119. Reply
    Armoza says:

    I’m using Galaxy S2 and it works greate. the problem is that it seems much harder than in iphone. I typically score 1.5-2M points in my iphone, and I cannot score more than 0.8M  in my galaxy. It seems a bit faster in  my GS2.

  120. Reply
    Joanneemason says:

    Ive got a HTC wildfire s and have recently updated to version 2.3.5 and its still not working its not even on Google play when I search

  121. Reply
    Vikjain says:

    Ive got a HTC wildfire s and have recently updated to version 2.3.5 and its still not working its not even on Google play when I searched it… When searched through other websites, it says not compatible… Pls make a version compatible with htc wildfire s……

  122. Reply
    DAN201 says:

    Why cant u just make it compatible with galaxy ace! Galaxy ace has the same size of screen as the iphone 4s (3.5 inches) and I have gingerbread 2.3.4 so I dont see why it isnt compatible! Please make it compatible with all android phones that arent currently compatible! We are all still waiting you could have made them all compatible at the same time as the motorola phones! We’re still waiting!

  123. Reply
    Rated_rko786 says:

    I feel let down but i know that you may not be able to get it right but please make it compatible for galaxy ace gt etc devices. As itll make more happy customers

  124. Reply
    Sk8inout says:

    My HTC Wildfire is not compatible. If you can, get it fixed, or I go get an iPhone, which will make me much happier.

  125. Reply
    Tgemerald20 says:

    U guys better fix this cause there are some people who have been waitin months 4 it 2 come out on android only 2 be crushed because its incompatible.

  126. Reply
    Bree_can_flyy says:

    Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Precedent! Version 2.2.2 and says it is completely up to date; full touch screen and rotation

    1. Reply
      Sophiehoynes says:

       same i have the t-mobile rapport version 2.2.2 and i’m having trouble downloading it, it says it’s not compatible with my device i’m really annoyed!

  127. Reply
    Henri says:

    Seriously what the heck! Ive waited all the way since august for my freaking favortie game to come out and now this piece of sh*t told me its not compatible ! Like omg im beyond pissed! And i know you can tell from the way im talking. Its just not fair because my sister can play it on her android and i cant i have a android HTC sense the facebook button phone and all i have to say is this is complete bullsh*t! I am mad as hell and so furios someone better fix this and i mean NOW! Im tired of the bs , i have google play on my phone! Gosh you people are just convincing me more that i should just get a damn Iphone instead of this sh*t

  128. Reply
    Lewis says:

    Works fine on my Sony Experia Arc S. Having no problems whilst playing such as bugs and glitches. However, my girlfriends phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) seems to not even find it on the market/google play, which is frustrating. There must be a way to download it of the net onto the handset?

  129. Reply
    nando says:

    it doesnt work fine for my mytouch 3G slide and i have been waiting for it so i can play it on my android but it says that this device isnt  compatible can u do something about it?

  130. Reply
    Jay says:

    My lg optimus c doesn’t even have temple run in its market. and when I try to download it one the internet off my phones it isn’t compatible

  131. Reply
    happy droid 1 user says:

    It’s so funny really, I installed this game first time ever on my OG Droid without any problems what so ever! And that’s old school tech man!

  132. Reply
    Ponymadcaz says:

    I have a HTC Wildfire S and it says it is not compatible. I am very annoyed and disappointed because I have been looking forward to its release for a while. I can’t access it on the android market and it isnt compatible on the internet. Please sort it out!

  133. Reply
    Trelley96 says:

    I have a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail , can you guys please make the game compatible for it?

    1. Reply
      GuyWhiKnowsStuff says:

      Are your parents related? These people didn’t make the game you moron. I think you may actually be inbred

  134. Reply
    Cbaby1997 Cj says:

    OMG i have the samsung galaxy precedent with straiht talk and its nt even in the android markeand when i try downloading it on the computer it said that my device was and is incompatible or whatever the word is please fix it I’m
    dyin to play thks!!!!

  135. Reply
    Admire95 says:

    I have the samsung admire and it doesnt work on it & this issue should really be fixed i didnt wait this long for nothing!!! >:/…i have 2.3.4. gingerbread please make it so its compatible on my phone

  136. Reply
    Joshuawalton says:

    I have the LG optimus and when i go to the market its not there but when im on the internet its says its not compitable CAN YOU PLEASE SORT THIS OUT GETTING ME VERY ANGRY

  137. Reply
    Dadouglas99 says:


  138. Reply
    A Grande33 says:

    REAAALLLLY!?!?! i was able to get it, and it goes VEEEERY slow, and the it wont let me turn, he very slowly runs out the cave, and the first time that i ever need to jump or turn, i die, i cant get over 1,00 because of that!

  139. Reply
    @kevdelmindo says:

    i waited forever to play this game and i just fount out that it’s not compatible to my samsung galaxy y? HOW COME!?!? Please make it WORK in ALL ANDROID phone since it is ‘temple run for android’.

  140. Reply
    Lbvaldez22 says:

    i already have temple run on my samsung galaxy y. there are 2 bugs, one for the tilt coins and the other is, if you reach 250m the character is automatically dead.. please fix this bugs.

  141. Reply
    Janet O' Carroll says:

    Its not even in my google play market for SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI. I have to log onto my google play account on my laptop to send it to my phone and when it click download , then it says its not compatible! I’m really annoyed! 

  142. Reply
    Mark Richardson says:

    you do all realise that the developer probably does see any of your comments so putting ‘u better fix this’ is just silly.  Do apple users project a childlike immaturity to there users i wonder.

  143. Reply
    DKG says:

    Disappointed…. I am using Galaxy SL. I waited for the game counting every single day as it passed by. The day it released I tried to download and got the message that your device is not comptible.  Really did not expect this from Imangi.

  144. it wont let me download on my galaxy ace, so stupid as ive waited a long time for this game and i thought Imangi would have thought harder to make the game compatible for all devices!!

    1. Reply
      GuyWhiKnowsStuff says:

      Your parents are related to each other aren’t they? They must be, no one could be that stupid

  145. Reply
    Marieperry44 says:

    This app is incompatible with your Samsung SCH-I100. I have the Samsung Gem Android version 2.2.2 when will it be compatible for this phone?!?

  146. Reply
    guest says:

    why is it not compatible with my sony ericsson W8?? i’ve waited for 
    this app on android but i’m disappointed 
    that  i can’t download it!

  147. Reply
    Nikki_knip says:

    It sucks how so many people have already bought Samsung Galaxy Y for it’s the new “in”. I have it as well but I’m fcking pissed that all the good games I want isn’t compatible!! PLEASE FIND A WAY ASAP. I actually even cried about this situation lolol. I just want it really bad :((

  148. Reply
    Fraser Cunningham says:

    my phone says this app is not compatible with this device? i think that they should have made this compatible with all android devices

    1. Reply
      Ryoma says:

      Maybe there is all these incompatibleness because android users were’nt patient enough for Imangi Studios to make it correctly and then put it on android.
      Well anyways, mine does’nt work either!!

  149. Reply
    Uyut says:

    its not compatible with my samsung galaxy fit s5670 i really want it ive been waiting for a long time

  150. Reply
    WildfireKid says:

    i realyyyyyy want to plat it on my wildfire seems like ive been waiting for this to come to android forever

  151. Reply
    Mariahduenas says:

    Lg optimus isnt compatible… I have been waiting soooo long and its just frustrating to find out i cant play on my phone…

  152. Reply
    Unknown says:

    stupid because any half decent game (including temple run) always seems to be not compatible with my device so unfair

  153. Reply
    Tsumo says:

    GRRRRR… not compatible on my galaxy mini.,. is there any other way i can play TR on my mini? i mean There has to be a way… T,T

  154. Reply
    Knightju says:

    Doesnt work with Samsung Galaxy Precedent nd that SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Reply
    Akl 14 says:

    I have the samsung replenish and I have been looking for temple run for android since christmas and then I am sooooo EXCITED to get it and it says my device isntcapible of this product or something I am BEGGING you to please get it for my type of phone

  156. Reply
    Lunaw says:

    Any reason why the HTC Cha Cha not compatible? Its running on Android 2.3 so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be!

  157. Reply
    Edgar says:

    It doesnt work on android 2.3.5 please fix soon been waiting forever for it to come out on android

  158. Reply
    Vivian says:

    I have an LG Enlighten with Android version 2.3.4 and it’s “incompatible with my phone’s country” …which is the US.
    so irritated. i’ve waited so long to play this stupid game on my phone, and now that it’s available for Androids, it’s incompatible with my damn phone.

  159. Reply
    bebop says:

    I have a samsung admire android version 2.3.4 but its say incompatible hurry up and fix please

  160. Reply
    Katrinalising05 says:

    i have samsung galaxy ace and i had the chance yo download it from my comp. and transfer it to my cellphone. But it really sucks! i cant play with it smoothly.

  161. Reply
    Joeglauser5 says:

    I have the Droid incredible and temple run sucks on it! Whenever you start to fun fast it lags and when you get the speed boost it won’t then for you..also it will close when you get near your highscore

  162. Reply
    JustinAllen says:

    Must Update for Samsung Exhibit 2 ! I managed to download it but the thing is it isnt running smoothly as i thought. its very glitchy. and I can barely make it to one million or more points like i do on the iphone or ipod. Someone fix it for my phone.

  163. Reply
    Rizwana Jalil says:

    I think this is typical & should make sure it comes out on ALL Android phones at once including my HTC Wildfire S, I am very disappointed about this & do something quick about it.!:@

  164. Reply
    Corrinehankin says:

    I have the LG PHEONIX and i have been waiting for Temple Run fkr months to come out for Andriod. BUT know i tried to download it and it said tbat is wasent compatible with ny device…..i am really ma
    D. Does anybody know when Andriod is gpibg to make Temple Run conpatuble with all Andriod Devices!?!?!!?!?!?

  165. Reply
    Aidan says:

    Have got Samsung Galaxy Ace and have been waiting for Temple Run to come out on Android for ages. I am really not happy with the fact that my device is not compatible. A phone very similar to mine is compatible, even though my phone has higher specs. Please do something quick!

  166. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    To all of these people who are angry about it, that’s what you normally get when you buy a budget phone. The specs aren’t up to par. The company also has to iron out bugs about screen size and resolution. I just saw someone complaining about it not being available on their HTC Cha Cha. HTC Cha Cha!?! That thing has the oddest screen orientation and size! 

  167. Reply
    Emilee_middleton says:

    Isn’t compatible with my HTC Wildfire S…I must say that I am very unhappy about this. Please fix it.

    1. Reply
      sketchy says:

      yea its harder coz the iphone / ipods touch screen is more sensitive so u can turn jump or slide quicker

  168. Reply
    Juan_86312 says:

    Itz Not Compatibale With My Samung Galaxy Prevail . Please Help Me . Everyday I Try To Download It And It Keeps Sayinq Itz Not Compatibale . Help Pleasee !

  169. Reply
    Luiz Henrique Ruiz says:

    i couldn’t find it on google play, then i found it in the browser but it’s not compatible with my 2.2.1 android…

  170. Reply
    Dani says:

    It is compatible with my HTD Desire, but it doesn’t make it any less playable… it’s nearly impossible to run past 1500m, there is a very noticeable delay in the response time, and it’s even randomly unresponsive. I don’t see the purpose of porting such a great game if it’s not going to offer a smooth game experience… the way it currently is, I can’t make it past 80k-ish points, while in an iphone it starts getting hard after 500k. Android may offer good features, but it’s not game or interface performance at all, in my own experience.

  171. Reply
    Tas says:

    why isn’t it compatible with my galaxy mini 2.2.1? The game requires 2.1 and up and mine us more than 2.1 but still i can’t download 🙁

  172. Reply
    Patrick Glover says:

    i got a HTC Wildfire S and all of my other family members (older sister mum dad and step mom) so they either have it or have the opportunity to download it. When i tried to download it on to my phone it’s been saying that my phone is not compatible. I’m very upset as I was going to get an I Pod touch but got a phone instead i wait ages then heard of the release date and got very excited but sadly have been let down i hope  Imangi Studios rectify there mistake and re-release it later with everything fix.

  173. Reply
    Parsmilky says:

    I have Droid 3 and I am able to download it and play kind off! It a sticky and feezes up and and cannot coutinuously play the game. I am disappointed in the game turn out! 

  174. Reply
    Rakshimuvala says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee fix all the bugs the game lags and is sluggish on my Samsung galaxy S

  175. Reply
    Guest says:

    It’s impossible for a game manufacturer to make anything but the most basic game function on all phones, especially across such a broad platform as Android. The HTC Wildfire S is a relatively low-spec phone and would never be able to run Temple Run without some serious compromises on video – I had an HTC Wildfire (not S) and it hardly ran Angry Birds! There are a lot of people waiting for the supported phone list to be expanded, but if you’ve got an old or budget handset then sadly it’s likely not to happen; and it’s not really fair to blame the developers; having to support every handset would stop them from making fast, advanced games like Temple Run.

  176. Reply
    Monopoliser says:

    Works awesome on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (ICS MIUI – Cutom Rom) and with only minor glitches on my Samsung Galaxy S (ICS MIUI – Cutom Rom). Both phones have custom kernels and overclocking enabled.

  177. Reply
    Emperor_moh says:

    Please make compatible for Galaxy ace somehow as i am gutted.
    Was waiting for it to come out on android and is not compatible on My Galaxy Ace so please sort this problem out

  178. Reply
    Wilson118 says:

    The Temple Run app works for my Droid X2 but yet this game seems harder than the Temple Run for my iPod. I hope this problem can be fixed or is it just a harder “supposed to be better” game?

  179. Reply
    Infernowacker says:

    I’m waiting for the game to be compatible for HTC Wildfire S ,the reason why the game doesnt show in the market is cuz its not compatible :/

  180. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Horrible on the HTC EVO on iphone I can get millions on EVO I’m lucky to get 300,000 HORRIBLE

  181. Reply
    Steve says:

    @ dynadom

    Same here. I have Desire (Bravo) and the best of my 300+ attempts amounted to about 300k with 850 coins, so i grab a coworkers iphone with Temple Run and Bam! 1.4mil with 1.9k coins  and it wasn’t even a great run

  182. Reply
    Mrmctrollin says:

    With Us-Cellular’s 4g LTE smart phone, the Galaxy S Aviator, there are countless glitches among which, and by far the most annoying are lag spikes. Also I had the same multiplier coins and distance (give or take 50) as my friend, who got 2.5 million points, compared to my 1.8 million. They definitely need to improve Temple Run for Androids, overall not impressed. 

  183. Reply
    Sara K says:

    I have the samsung galaxy s and its wont even let me download it as its ‘not compatible’ with my phone. Seriously frustrating.

  184. Reply
    Greeneyesmaria81 says:

    It seriously is frustrating having it available on Android phones but not compatible with my HTC Wildfire. What’s the use of having it on Android phones if plenty of people cant use this app? Please fix!

  185. Reply
    Jake118972012 says:

    Well, isn’t there a patch for your ‘Non Compatible’ phones? Check the patch on the market “Temple Run Patch”. Also try downloading adobe shock player on your mobile.

  186. Reply
    Bianka Dodson says:

    They seriously need to fix temple run. Its great on iphones but sucks on androids. Y is that?

  187. Reply
    Big Tex says:

    Temple run will not run on Samsung Galaxy Ace even though it’s software ia Android 2.3.3
    Some forums state you need a larger processor, Galaxy Ace has 800mhz, supposedly it needs at least 1 Ghz processor power????
    There seem to be more and more Samsung Galaxy owners complaining.

    1. Reply
      Ian Troy Alvaran says:

      It’s not because of the larger screen. I’ve sent an unmodified apk to a small Sony Xperia (forgot the specific model but it’s the one with the sliding keyboard) and it runs the game without problems. The reason why Temple run can’t run on our Galaxy Ace is because our processor’s instruction set is inferior to most current devices. The Galaxy Ace’s instruction set is ARMv6 while Temple run will only work on devices that have ARMv7 and up. The most reliable way of determining your phone’s capability to run Temple run or any other advanced games is to check if it is Adobe Flash Player capable since it cannot be installed on devices that are on ARMv6 or lower.

      From what I know, I see that this isn’t fair since Temple Run for iOS is compatible with the first iPhone and its processor is based on the ARM11 architecture with ARMv6 instruction set, which is pretty much similar to our Galaxy Ace. Maybe Imangi Studios hates budget smartphones so we’re pretty much screwed.

  188. Reply
    Iloveyou Fc says:

    android temple run are not available in many countries. i have waited for this a long time and this is what google will do

  189. Reply
    Mevincool says:

    it was working then all of a sudden the game reset so i lost zack and all of my upgrades wth

  190. Reply
    Thaar1 says:

    I downloaded it on other site than google play and than it doesnt work good you go from 31000 to 256000 and than your dead and in the google play store i even cant download it

  191. Reply
    junaid says:

    i cant fakkin search it on my phone but wen i go on the computer it cums up but is says the same fukkin thing its not compatibale for your device

  192. Reply
    Danny says:

    I had temple run for the HTC Desire S and everything worked fine, but after upgrading to the HTC Sensation XE, I can no longer buy upgrades.

    I have tried reinstalling etc. but no luck so far, weird huh?

  193. Reply
    Danshadows4 says:

    Why is it not available on galaxy ace? All my mates can play it so i’m fuming that i cant. Is it going to be available on all android phones anytime soon?

  194. Reply
    Adam C. says:

    Not Compatible with the LG Enlighten, It gets extremely agitating when I’m on the bus and all of my friends are playing it and I can easily beat their scores.

  195. Reply
    ThatGuy says:

     I have a Galaxy prevail and I’ve been waiting for so long and my device is not compatible, please fix it soon 🙁

  196. Reply
    lily says:

    Got a Galaxy Tab 8.9. Says its installed, starts on the front screen but within seconds it stops and says it needs to be forced closed, not working at all. Having uninstalled and tried several times, no hope!

  197. Reply
    Casey says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Prevail and I was so excited to hear about it being available for Android.  My friend had it on his Android and told me to look in the Play Store for it.  But when I looked, I couldn’t find it.  I got online and tried to download it that way, and it said it was incompatible. D:

    Please hurry with the update!

  198. Reply
    Taevier says:

    I have a android enlighten and it says that its not compatible with my phone I’ve been waiting so patiently please fix this problem

  199. Reply
    Dayeli0611 says:

    I feel really angry cause my friend got temple run on her phone and sent me the link but it said its not compatable and we have the same droid so I reseted my phone and everything deleted and now I still cant see it and all my contact with all my information so please let me install that game thanks

  200. Reply
    Ihpojgujvfivf 67 says:

    Absolutely furious. I have waited months for thiss app and now my friends refuse to let me go on theirs. Plz put it available for Samsung Galaxy Ace. Ta

  201. Reply
    Kiki says:

    Like many others, I’ve been waiting a long time for this app to come out, just to find that it isn’t compatible with my phone 🙁 . Now I am forced to wait until I see my friends to play on their iPods.

  202. Reply
    Pookiebear111797 says:

    I have waited a very long time to find out my samsung gracity smart is not compatible with temple un! Please fix this emediatly…thank you

  203. Reply
    Monika Koprivc says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy Ace and I think it’s unfair that some of the Android devices enjoy playing Temple Run, and others don’t. Mine device is saying that isn’t compatible. I’m really angry because I was waiting for that game for months and I would really like to have Temple Run. Please fix this or send me a comment to monika.koprivc@gmail.com when you will fix that. Please hurry. Thanks.

    1. Reply
      Matt_111 says:

      I downloaded the apk file but it was extremely glitchy, and after rooting and overclocking it is possible to play smoothly but still a lot of latency and lots of gliches

  204. Reply
    Divyaa Bhatia says:

    I was waiting for the game and im frustrated now as it isnt compatible on my galaxy ace. Please fix. Thanx.

  205. Reply
    leo says:

    galaxy y is not capable 
    waiting …………………………i have downloaded but the graphics are so poor

  206. Reply
    Oreo_023 says:

    I have been waiting for so long to get this great game when I was stopped by being told that my phone wasn’t compatible, I have a htc Wildfire S and I was very disappointed to find out that my recently new phone couldn’t have my favourite game. 🙁

  207. Reply
    anangryandroiduser says:

    This is brutal, again waiting for a long time and no luck. what can you do? forget android

  208. Reply
    Ckneece8 says:

    I just got this phone, the Droid fusion and have been trying to download temple run and it says it is not compatible with my device. What do I do?

  209. Reply
    jazzy says:

    This isn’t fair to me.. all my friends have temple run downloaded on their phones and my device “isn’t compatible.” I’m very fustrated!! & i have a virgin mobile touchscreen LG.

  210. Reply
    The Next temple runner says:

    Temple run for Andriod is Not compatible with LG optimus one and NET, pls let me know where can I get the h/w requirements for Temple run Adroid?

  211. Reply
    Guest says:

    Temple Run for the Samsung Infuse 4g works but is so glitchy that it’s not even worth playing. 

  212. Reply
    Emilycarlisle says:

    My friend who has a samsung galaxy s has it and it works really well on it but i cant get it on my samsung galaxy ace, says its not compatible with the device, it is really annoying  because i had been waiting for ages for it to come out and then when it finally does i cant get it.

  213. Reply
    Tonyjose6 says:

    i have a samsung galaxy pop and it says not compatible. what can i do my android is 2.3.6

  214. Reply
    Asadahashleey12 says:

    Obviously it’s only compatible with the upper grade phones I know it’s sad Im pretty sure you
    Went back to the apple store and say I hate you android why didn’t I get a freaking Iphone
    But unfortunately you get what you pay For.

  215. Reply
    Asadahashleey12 says:

    It dosent download because android, it sucks its very stupid well at least it has instagram
    I’d die without instagram.

  216. Reply
    James says:

    I bought samsung Galaxy Y 
    android version 2.3.6
    I download it apk
    I got now 250m bug
    Fix Please

  217. Reply
    Aramious says:

    Hahahha my lg optimus elite runs it like a dream but most of my friends have androids with metro pcs nd the app wont even show up on the list. Oh my phones with virgin mobile theirs are with metro pcs

  218. Reply
    ryan says:

    It won’t let me download on my lg optimus q it says its not co mpatible and the version is 2.3.4 and this upsets me a lot because this game and it finally came out and it turns I can’t play it

  219. Reply
    Holiday11980 says:

    I have a samsung galaxy mini . which is on 2.2.1. When i go to download it it says its not compatible with the device! Please fix it!!!!:-(

  220. Reply
    Ravi Verma says:

    i  have a samsung galaxy 3.  When i go to download it it says its not compatible with the device! Please fix it!!!!:-(

    1. Reply
      Bob says:

      apparently you’re wrong, I just downloaded temple run on SIII and it works perfectly fine after going through multiple tests

  221. Reply
    Priya says:

    i have lg optimus, which is having version 2.3.4 and temple run is not working!!!! 🙁 please suggest me some link if any!

  222. Reply
    Templerunbhangar says:

    Make it compactible with Samsung galaxy Ace………………………………………..

  223. Reply
    Praveen Kumar Pno says:

    Its not compatible wit lg optimus one p 500..is there any other way to install it??

  224. Reply
    Wes Z says:

    I have an lg optimus q running android 2.3.4 and temple run is not compatible with my phone! it sucks!! i guess we’ll never have it!

  225. Reply
    Khalidsaleh says:

    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please sombody make it work for the htc wildfire s i am begin u please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please i am begin make it work 🙁 🙁 🙁

  226. Reply
    Zakir Hussain says:

    Please Make it 
    compatible for HTC Wildfire Please Please
    I have Android 2.2.1

  227. Reply
    Sophie says:

    I have a Asteroid 2.2 android tablet, it doesnt even show up when i try to search on the app market or even when i try to google play download it. please make it work.

    1. Reply
      Plzmakerelevantposts says:

      byed is not a word…its bought….and obiously S3 was supposed to beat the iphone 4s since 4s was made to compete with S2

  228. Reply
    Lee mamalemon says:

    Incompatible for Samsung GT-S5830i(Samsung Galaxy Ace)Android 2.3.6 
    Please!!!Please make it compatible for this device……….

  229. Reply
    O A10 says:

    yh my wildfire doesnt even have the app on the market  but even on the web it says non compatible

  230. Reply
    Mikehart734 says:

    I seem to be experiencing many glitches on temple run as things happen even when i am not touching the screen during play or it will lag or not perform any actions

    1. Reply
      Zsaszob says:

      You get what you pay for on Boost. The Prevail is a mid-range Android device at best. You’re out of your mind thinking it should run apps flawlessly. There’s a reason you only paid $200 for it with no contract with a shitty service provider.

  231. Reply
    Sweeteypie70 says:

    I have HTC Wildfire S with an android 2.1 when i try to install it.. it say not compatible with this device.. i really want temple run game on my phone ..please do something 🙁

  232. Reply
    Sweeteypie70 says:

    have HTC Wildfire S with an android 2.2.1 it says not compatible with this device.. i really want temple run game on
    my phone ..please do something 🙁

  233. Reply
    Dopeafrican24 says:

    I have a samsung gravity 2.2.2 n it says my device is not compatible can you guys please fix this ASAP

  234. Reply
    fiu says:

    I have Foxconn 911 (Nexian Journey) android 2.2 and it’s not compatible. I would love to have this game on my phone, but I can’t

  235. Reply
    Tessaorewiler09 says:

    I have a HTC Wildfire S , I’ve been waiting to download this game for months, to come to see my phone is not compatible. I was/am very upset and disappointed. 

  236. Reply
    guest says:

    Samsung Epic 4G

    Downloaded successfully, but game is glitchy. After I reach about 3000 metres, game begins to lag causing me to die. Phone then freezes before the life summary and the screen turns off and I can’t turn it back on. The only way I could get my phone to respond was by plugging in the charger.

  237. Reply
    J Coates90 says:

    Boost Mobile Samsung Prevail Galaxy

    Tried downloading Temple Run and my device is not compatible for the game.

  238. Reply
    TheOneTheyFake says:

    Sprint Motorola MB612 (XPRT)

    Tried downloading Temple Run multiple times plus i have deleted all of my other apps but it is still lagging and slow

  239. Reply
    Zsaszo says:

    To most everyone bitching about it not working:

    You bought a cheap prepaid Android phone. This isn’t going to work on a Wildfire S or the Prevail (Boost or Straight Talk). What are you guys thinking – you pay under $200 for your no contract phone and expect it to do everything that a Galaxy S II or iPhone 4S does? Seriously people; you get what you pay for.

    1. Reply
      alvino says:

      well excuse everyone else for not being able to afford your “ultra spectacular iPhone.”  Not everyone can afford that so I don’t see why you have to single them out because they wont pay as much.

    2. Reply
      Mystery says:

      Ok so some people dont have that kind of money!! We are not millonaies!!! Some people are getting let go (not me ). Just because.you think u all that doesnt mean u r!!!!!!!!!

    3. Reply
      Guest says:

      Okay, you expect every one to be rich?? Not alot pf people have money!!! Everyday I drive on the freeway I see homeless people!! Do you think they have money for an iPhone?? Wow you people these days!!!!!!

  240. Reply
    Comments Zero says:

    I have been experiencing the exact problems you described in this article with my Galaxy Ace. My friend has a more updated Samsung, however it is very similar to my device and she can til get Temple Run. How long do you think you will take? Thanks.

  241. Reply
    emily62 says:

    k its not even in the play store for me i have the latest version of the LG optimus T and its not even there… help?

  242. Reply
    ethan says:

    i have a samsung galaxy ace,i seen loads of my freinds playing the game on there sony ericsons and i really wanted it den,but no. Because its not compatible . I fkin pissed

  243. Reply
    Ahmad Ali says:

    I downloaded temple run on samsung galaxy ace today but it is not working , i downloaded but I am not able to install that do let me know how to fix that

  244. Reply
    Ahmad Ali says:

    Incompatible for Samsung GT-S5830i(Samsung Galaxy Ace)Android 2.3.6  Please!!!Please make it compatible for this device……….


  245. Reply
    Lorry says:

    I bought this weekend a Samsung S III. The game is very laggy. It worked perfectly on my My Touch, though.

  246. Reply
    Aaaashim2004 says:

    yep galaxy ace is not compatiable what is the reason it has gingerbread and is android??????

  247. Does not work on my phone… TMN Smart A7 (Android Version 2.3.5) Please note that I have sent a lot of emails to the developer’s email address and to their facebook page, sadly still no response from them. 

  248. Reply
    Harry says:

    It works perfectly on my Samsung galaxy s3. However, when my friend tried to get it on his galaxy ace it said it was incompatible. :/

  249. Reply
    Guest says:

    lg optimus slider… i get it to run (technically) but it wont actually let me take any turns though i can jump.  im pretty sure its due to extreme lag as even jumping is weird.  idk.  pretty dissapointed.  i saw this on my cousins ipad and downloaded it but its a fail… hopefully they fix it.  

  250. Reply
    holly says:

    I have downloaded temple run on my kocaso android tablet, Ican do everything but tilt for coins so I can only get so far in the game…

  251. Reply
    Alpha 113 says:

    I have the SGS with android 2.1,i downloaded the game from play store and installed it,but when i run it,the Imangi studios logo pops up and does not go any further,I have to go back to the home screen and manually stop the game.How can I solve this problem?Pls help.

  252. Reply
    georgy says:

    it says that it’s compatible for android 2.1 then my android version is 2.3.6samsung GT5360, i could download it but it won’t install. it sucks because my older brother only has his android version2.4 experia then he plays it not me:(

  253. Reply
    MADHUR GUPTA says:

    temple run will not work on ace because its RAM is less……………it will work on HTC explorer or ace plus

  254. Reply
    Ranjot says:

    I managed to download temple run on galaxy ace S5830 but when i open it,it say force close your device isn’t compatible …..Please !!!please make it compatible for my mobile

  255. Reply
    Pankaj Negi says:

    I have installed temple run android game in Samsung ACE GT-S5830 but message shows process com.imangi.templerun has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again.

  256. Reply
    blazingstars says:

    We can not download temple run to our emerson (poaroid) tablet since apparently we can not get goodgle play on the tablet and it is the only was to download the game. Get jar and the rest just give errors with the downloads.

  257. Reply
    Nikki says:

    Temple run is very choppy (so much that it causes annoying accidental deaths) on my Samsung Galaxy S Relay G4.

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