Impressive SoulCraft Android Game downloads

As smartphones and tablet PCs get more advanced and powerful the stuff we can do on them also improves. One such area that is seeing a vast improvement in recent times is games, which has led some to believe that the future for handheld games consoles is rather bleak. One such release to the Google Play Store is SoulCraft that continues the impressive Android game download trend we have seen recently.

We are slowly seeing mobile devices getting some Nvidia Tegra 3 love and one of the best games to show off the technology on the Asus Transformer Prime is SoulCraft. This is a free action RPG that comes in two versions as well, so if you have a slightly older Android device you can still enjoy the game.

SoulCraft is still in beta mode with the SoulCraft THD version aimed more at newer higher powered smartphones and tablets, and although it will work on many devices it was developed with the Tegra 3 processor in mind. Both versions are free and you won’t be bombarded with ads or in-app purchases because they are still in an open beta test.

The THD version as you would expect has some stunning graphics, but the standard version won’t leave you disappointed either. The game is quite basic for a an action RPG as you work through levels killing anything that moves while you gain more experience along with extra abilities and powers.

Armour, magic skills and weapons can be customized for battling those more powerful enemies, and there are even some locations you will recognize such as Rome and Venice that have been taken over by demons. It is thought the game will eventually be coming to other platforms such as iOS, Windows and Windows Phone.

Check out the video trailer below and let us know if you intend to download the game, and what you think of it. You can find SoulCraft THD here, and the standard version here.

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