Youm title for flexible AMOLED Samsung displays

At the beginning of March we brought you news of inroads being made by Samsung, working on flexible AMOLED displays. This is a huge development in the mobile world as flexible displays without the use of glass would be virtually unbreakable and today we have news that Samsung has titled these displays Youm.

An anonymous Samsung executive told at the time how these flexible displays would become available for use in smartphones, saying they would arrive within the year. An application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Youm branding has now been filed by Samsung, along with a logo.

News of this comes to us from The Verge, sourced from a new Samsung Korea Mobile Display website page. The page also shows a comparison between the Youm display and also the OLED and LCD displays. The diagrams show the polarizer as the top layer of all three displays with the added words ‘thinner, lighter + unbreakable’ above the Youm image. The OLED display diagram shows Encap (Glass) as one of the layers and this is replaced on the Youm display as Encap (Film).

Apart from this though, there’s not an awful lot more information to be gleaned from this at the present time. We recently told how Samsung has now established a spin-off, Samsung Display to focus on OLED displays and how there were rumors that the iPhone 5 may switch from a Retina Display to a Samsung OLED display although we thought there was only a 50:50 likelihood of this. However as Samsung advances its display technology even further it does make us wonder about the possibility of a flexible AMOLED Samsung display for the iPhone 6. Also we would imagine that the Youm flexible display will not be in time for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but for the Galaxy S4, who knows?

We’re still no closer to knowing exactly when the Youm flexible AMOLED displays will appear. However the Verge informs us that Samsung’s Liquavista electrowetting displays are coming in 2013 and that LG flexible e-paper displays could be available in Europe as early as this month so it’s a time of major cutting-edge developments in display technology it seems. What are your thoughts on Samsung’s Youm flexible displays? Let us know with your comments.

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