Samsung Flexible AMOLED displays on their way

Obviously tech in the mobile space continues to evolve albeit some mobile device makers lagging behind, old Sammy isn’t one to lag behind in the mobile tech game as we have previously heard Samsung intends on shaking up the mobile market with the arrival of flexible AMOLED displays.

Well now according to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Oled-display, it appears that a Samsung executive has shed a little light on just when we can expect those flexible AMOLED display to come out an play on smartphones.

Apparently the unnamed Sammy exec has confirmed that we’ll see flexible AMOLED displays hit “within a year,” which could basically mean anytime this year or maybe early 2013.

The Samsung flexibly displays obviously don’t use glass and thus should be almost unbreakable so if you do eventually own a smartphone with one of the flexi-displays and drop it, it shouldn’t shatter like some do today.

We’ve seen a few flexible displays previously like the one you’ll see in the video we have for you below, and then there is the Samsung Galaxy Skin smartphone that we previously reported on which is supposed to be surfacing this year.

No doubt Sammy is definitely looking to deliver a game changer in the Mobile space and one that could shove Apple’s iPhone out in the cold unless of course Apple decided to deliver a flexible AMOLED display on the iPhone 6, what do you reckon?


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