iPad 3 ‘supply of displays’ causes insufficient stock

Apple’s new iPad 3 if its called this is looking to be released soon, with an event etched onto the calendar for the 7th March. Although its not been made official that it will in fact be the iPad 3 announcement, there have been plenty of clues giving us this impression. Up until now, rumoured specs have been reported on as well as its name, possible price and news that London’s Harrods store could be opening up an Apple store within the building just in time for the iPad 3.

Just this week we gave you news that Apple fans were trading in their current iPad device to get ready for their new purchase, with speculation that a smaller 7.85-inch model will be put into production during the third quarter of this year. We asked you our readers whether you would be willing to see where this goes?

But possible worrying news has come to the forefront today, that with the event dated for next week, there may not be enough supply of HD Retina Displays to go around. According to AppleInsider via Digitimes, its been reported that an ‘insufficient supply of high resolution displays’ could prevent the Cali Company from being able to provide sufficient iPad supply at launch.

As we’ve reported in the past, three manufacturers being Samsung Electronics, Sharp and LG Display are supplying Retina Displays and with all three not being able to supply enough displays at any given time, this could of course have a knock-on effect.

We have to add at this point that news should, until made official be taken with a pinch of salt.

Let us know if you are waiting patiently for the new iPad 3? Perhaps you are more than happy with your iPad 2?

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