iPad 3 launch & Apple Harrods store opening coincidence

If you talk to most people about shopping in London, one of the first names that spring to mind is Harrods. As possibly the most famous department store in the capital, Harrods gets hundreds of thousands of customers flooding through its doors every day. From the rich and famous, to the window shopper hoping to grab a cheap bargain in order to be able carry a Harrods bag, the store is iconic.

There could be another reason to visit the grand retail outlet in March, according to a report by Digital Trends. Apple is planning to inject its products into the famous store between March 12 and March 19. To accompany its flagship store in Covent Garden, the Harrods outlet could see it’s beginning of trading falling at the same point as the Cali Companies iPad 3 launch.

The rumors surrounding the third generation tablet suggest that a March 7 arrival could be on the cards. But in typical Apple style we could quite easily see a merging of events, releasing a new product in an all-new store.

Trading for 163 years the seven level Harrods store covers over 90,000 square meters of shopping paradise. It will be interesting to see if the iPad 3, suggested to feature an upgraded 8-megapixel camera and high-res Retina display, is released at the new stores opening, how Harrods will cope with the onslaught of tablet hungry buyers?


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  1. hmm that would not surprise me if the opening of the new harrods apple store did coincide with the release of the ipad 3. this is because when the iphone 4s was released, apple had to close one of its flagship stores in china as it had something with like 100,000 visitors in its first weekend. that generated headlines and a similar stunt here would do the same? harrods often has hundreds of thousands of visitors a day through its doors, so imagine having many of them all flocking to the in store apple store to see the new ipad 3. that would generate headlines and be a pr success for apple. plus what better way to kick of the opening of a new apple store in one of the worlds most prestigious department stores than to have a new product to draw the crowds in.

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