Apple iPad 3 apparently headed to US right now

There are an awful lot of people waiting for news of an iPad 3 release right now and the March event where we’re expecting to hear Apple’s official announcement is right around the corner. However it seems a launch could be even closer than anticipated as news today tells how the iPad 3 is apparently already headed to the U.S.

We’ve informed already about many of the speculated additions to the next iPad and they include an A6 or A5X processor, a Retina Display, 4G LTE connectivity, improved camera and larger battery. What most people really want answered right now though, is when they will be able to get their hands on it. With the iPad 3 event expected to be held on March 7 there was conjecture that it could actually be released by the middle of the month or maybe by late March at the latest. This now seems even more credible with news that shipments are apparently already on their way to the U.S. from Foxconn factories in China.

A leaked purported shipping document for the iPad 3 brought to light by Apple.pro has appeared on website Sina Weibo and on WeiPhone forums. The translations appear on 9to5Mac and in short the message is that shipments of the iPad 3 were beginning on February 26 (today) and would be delivered to airports in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York by March 9. As well as this it seems that the cargo flight organizers wanted an unusually high level of security for the said shipments, which certainly fits with Apple’s usual secrecy concerns. If iPad 3’s are indeed on their way to the U.S. for arrival on March 9, it certainly makes sense that it could be released very shortly afterwards.

As well as this, 9to5Mac also tells how Apple may be offering pre-orders for the iPad 3, (which it didn’t do for the iPad 2), possibly from March 7. There are also murmurings that there could be another major Apple product being launched in March but there’s not much clue yet on what this could be. It’s possible though that it could be a new Apple TV box as supplies of the current model have been limited recently.

As usual with the secrecy surrounding major Apple products none of this is yet confirmed but the news of the supposed iPad 3 shipments certainly looks promising and will give a lot of people hope. Are you waiting for the release of the iPad 3? Do you imagine you’ll have one in your grasp by some point in March?


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