iPad 3 A6 or A5X processor debate, quad-core possibility

As we venture towards the end of February, we wait in baited breath as to what the month of March will bring us. The big device due to be officially announced and then released is the next generation iPad 3 tablet. With it, what specs are of course a massive talking point with news that some US retailers are already trying to shift some of their iPad 2 stock to make way for the new iPad 3, with price reductions seen on the current tablet.

Today news has changed yet again with talk that the iPad 3 processor will not in fact be a brand new A6, but a follow on to the A5 processor seen in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, with the iPad 3 packing a A5X processor instead. Speculation surrounds whether the chipset will in fact be a dual-core or quad-core variety.

According to idownloadblog.com, a leaked image on a Chinese forum named WeiPhone shows an iPad 3 with the A5X processor and not the hoped for A6. Alongside this, a code see on the A5X processor ‘1146,’ is indicating that the processor was manufactured between November 14th and 20th 2011.

Reports also indicate that the 16GB flash memory chips are from Hynix. Rumoured specs for some time now have spoken about the iPad 3 arriving with a LTE chip, Retina display although its size remains a mystery, better optics for cameras and so on.

With Apple due to announce the iPad 3 on March 7th with a release possibly a week later, we wonder what you our readers think about the Cali Company introducing an A5X processor rather than the A6, which was hoped for? Also tell us whether you will be getting the iPad 3 when it arrives?

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