iPhone 5 & iPad 3 dream dead without hyped specs

The big things expected from Apple this year are obviously the Apple iPad 3, a device expected to surface in the first week of March, and of course the next iOS smartphone, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5, and we have heard many rumours about what these two Apple devices are expected to deliver in the way of specs.

Those rumoured specifications are a Retina Display, improved battery, a faster A6 quad core processor, better camera, along with 4G LE capability with the Apple iPad 3, whilst the specs for the iPhone 5 have been rumoured to include a larger touch screen, improved battery, removable battery, face recognition, 3D, NFC, 4G LTE, Liquipel waterproofing and the new design that all the iOS faithful expected with the iPhone 4S.

We all know the Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have been a success for Apple, but will that success continue with the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 if Apple fails to deliver what specs and features the mobile space expects?

Well probably considering the amount of loyal Apple followers out there, Apple could deliver just about anything and still be a success, this was basically proven when Apple delivered the iPhone 4S with Siri, the virtual assistant being basically the only thing of value in the smartphone.

Obviously anything we have heard about the third generation iOS slate and the next generation iPhone is all speculation and rumour, perhaps Apple will deliver on those rumoured specs and features or perhaps not, maybe these new devices will arrive with an updated version of iOS 5 or even come pre-installed with the new iOS 6, or maybe not.

However, if Apple doesn’t deliver what is expected with the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 could the dream of owning one be dead in the water, or will both devices be just a success as previous Apple gear regardless of what they offer the customer?

So we’d like to ask our iOS faithful readers out there whether they will purchase the Apple iPad 3 and or iPhone 5 regardless of what specs and features the devices come with, or will you call it a day with iOS if one or both devices seem somewhat disappointing and move on to something else?

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8 thoughts on “iPhone 5 & iPad 3 dream dead without hyped specs”

  1. Harmanp83 says:

    I’m an Apple fan but not so much of a faithful follower and I don’t EXPECT the best like some people.
    If the iPhone 5 doesn’t have what the rumours claim then I won’t cry about it or lose sleep. There’s more in life to worry about.

  2. As someone who is forced to have a plan with U.S. Cellular (other companies get crappy service in rural Iowa), I have not yet been able to have an iPhone. If the iPhone5 has the 4G LTE capability, U.S. Cellular has said they will offer it. So, I will drop my P.O.S. Android and jump on the iPhone train.

  3. Anthony says:

    I have an iPad 2 and have loved using it to write scripts drafts, play games, watch movies, etc etc. I think the iPad 3 will be a bigger change than we saw compared to the iPad 1 to 2. All these articles are saying the same thing as last year yet. The retina display alone is going to be a game changer compared to other tablets.

    In regard to the iPhone 5 I’ll assume it’ll have whatever the iPad 3 has. A faster cpu/gpu, more ram, and LTE. I remember reading that Apple was waiting for the next generation of LTE chips since they’d be smaller and use less energy. Either way we’ll all know soon enough.

  4. Matt says:

    1st iPhone: iPhone
    2nd iPhone: iPhone 3G
    3rd iPhone: iPhone 3GS
    4th iPhone: iPhone 4
    5th iPhone: iPhone 4S
    Why would they call the 6th gen iPhone iPhone 5?

  5. vinny1575 says:

    Shallow Author. Just because two things look the same on the outside does not mean they are the same. 😉 Dual Core is allot better than single core. Better Graphics to!

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