Consumer iPad 2 niggles, in agreement?

Whilst the tech world gears itself up for the new iPad 3 arrival destined at the beginning of March, its predecessor the iPad 2 still remains as popular as ever. Nearly two years ago, the first iPad paved the way not only for other iPad tablets to follow, but a product that other manufacturers could sink their teeth into.

There are many contributing factors when choosing a tablet device, be it overall size, screen dimensions and resolution, speed, battery life, what the tablet is capable of and so on. Despite the Apple iPad 2 being a success, according to Mashable users of the device have and are still reporting of niggles.

Thanks to a Q&A website named FixYa, the top gripes that consumers have spoken of include, poor WiFi connection with some complaining that once logged on they find it difficult to stay on! Other problems seen include USB issues, dissatisfaction with the microphone recording quality, LED display problems including as reported ‘splotchy light patches’ around the corners and edges of the screen on showing dark graphics or open pages.

Although issues to some, Mashable have reported that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has a lengthier list including the lack of parental controls.

Give us your thoughts to these findings? Are you in agreement with any, and if not have you any issues that you wish to raise?

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